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What is the Difference between LTE & VoLTE

lte vs volte

Hello Friends, Today we discuss what is the Difference between LTE and VoLTE. Almost all of the smartphones are coming in the market today are 4G VoLTE or 4G LTE supported. In this article, we will learn how they work and who introduced those technologies.


Full form of LTE is LONG TERM EVOLUTION. This type of technologies will increase the capacity and speed using a different radio interface together with core network improvements. In the year 2012, Airtel has introduced the first LTE network service in India. The LTE Technology also called as 4G.
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Advantages of LTE

  1. LTE network uses all IP network architecture. Due to this effect, it is dedicated for packet switched operations.
  2. LTE technology supports MIMO. So, The voice can be transported using voice over LTE protocols that is VOIP and fall back to legacy networks to 2G or 3G. The higher data rate can be achieved.
  3. LTE uses SC-FDMA in the uplink and OFDMA for the downlink. For the uplink mobile terminals can use low power during transmissions then battery life can be enhanced. While using OFDMA feature service it increases the capacity of the LTE network to access faster internet connection.

Drawback: one of the drawbacks is that, while using the 4G network in your smartphone and someone calls to that mobile number then Internet connectivity is closed. To overcome this problem the VoLTE technologies has started to give better service to the user. LTE system is complex and it requires skilled engineers to maintain and manage the system.


The VoLTE service has changed the way of using the internet. First, the VoLTE service has started by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance JIO in India. VoLTE means Voice Over Long Term Evolution.The VoLTE is just changed the another way of calling but through Internet. The previous service was routing the calls over standard Internet protocol has changed.

Advantages of VoLTE

Make HD Voice calls. As the calls are delivered over the LTE networks, the latency is much lower when compared to current mobile network services.

It supports Video calling as well. You can make HD video calling of H.264 service operates to make video call on their networks.

It improved Efficiency. When in our old service of LTE mobile data is stops when we make calls or recieve but in this service simultaneously allowing without any interruption.

Disadvantages of VoLTE

Not all smartphones support this technology. You have to upgrade the smartphone from the market. And it will consume the lot battery the reporters said that it conusumes battery life of the smartphone by 50%.

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