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What Is Puk Code And How To Get To Unlock Mobile Device

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Unlock your Device. Know the PUK code.

Sometimes you may face PUK Code problems if you are using Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Aircel etc.., In this post we discussed PUK Codes and how to get it to unlock the open the mobile device.

The PUK Code locks only SIM Card. Insert sim in any device it will ask to enter the code. Incorrectly Enter the SIM card will be blocked. The Choices has only 10 times.


What is PUK Code?

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The Abbreviation of PUK is Personal Unblocking Key. That means any individual have a sim, it must be a have PUK code. It varies user to user. One code is for only one number. The code is introduced to safe and security purpose.

Why this Code GenerateD by on phone?

When we created a SIM PIN or mPIN to open a sim in another device. The SIM works after entering the PIN, but the forgotten Pin or entering three times wrong then the puk code generated to protect SIM. You can’t access your own SIM by even enter the correct mPIN details.

10 times of wrong entering of PUK code block SIM Permanently.

then the SIM will not work. Buy another new sim. Read on, What to do next..,

Unlock PUK of the SIM. Know the PUK Code

There is only one way to Unlock PUK code. Contact the service provider. They will provide with the appropriate reason and solution.

Contact on their customer care number. Every company has their own customer care but you can try another number that will provide all the SIM PUK Codes. The Number is 198. If this number can’t provide you with the following issue definitely call customer service they will help to unlock SIM Card Code.

They will ask some details about SIM Card details of his owner Identity, Last recharge for security purpose. After giving the correct details of the sim, they will provide PUCK Code. Then easily unlock sim with given PUK Code.


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