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The Error vlc is unable to open the mrl is Solved

Error vlc is unable to open the mrl is Solved

Facing Problems with VLC Media Player. Many People Asked to solve this problem on forums. So, I have created this tutorial to get rid of this issue. Read On How to solve the Error vlc is unable to open the mrl.

Causes for the Error

This Error Occurs mainly when opening file or stream in VLC Media Player.

And Another Reason for this error is the movie or video of the file that exists somewhere but our VLC Media is not able to access it.

Similarly, our local computer also can’t get access to the file.

These are the common reasons for this error.

We Have Solved the Error Now you can also..,


vlc is unable to open the mrl

Solved the Error vlc is unable to open the mrl

What is VLC

VLC stands for VISIBLE LIGHT COMMUNICATION. It is an Open source software plays music and videos as media player software. Founded in the 1990s in Paris.

Okay then Start solving the error.

Now Open Your VLC Media Player and Stream Some video files using the VLC Player. Now the Error Showing with the same issue vlc is unable to open the mrl.

Solvation 1:

This may cause because of the firewall of your system. Sometimes Anti-Virus systems cause for this issue and they Block applications for preventing causing viruses for your computer. The Anti-Virus System want to protect your computer, therefore, some following applications Blocked by the FireWall System. (or) The Firewall of your settings are accidentally changed or something wrong that the firewall unable to opening the VLC Media Player. Go now and change the settings of your firewall system to give grand access the VLC Media Player.

Solvation 2:

Sometimes your VLC Media Player Version was outdated, this may also prevent the opening video files that not are supported. So, Check for updates and Download the Latest Version of VLC Media Player by Clicking Here.


The issue with Current Version.

The Same Error with above cause. This will be solved by Uninstalling Current VLC and Download the Latest.


Solvation 3:

Now Load Up Live Streamer twitch GUI through the windows directory.

The IP of you changed when you do this. Something like http// to http//

I will show you the path that is livestreamer –player-passthrough http –player “D:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe

This will Definitely solve your issue.

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Final Words

I Hope you will solve this issue with my solutions. If you unable to solve please comment section below with exact issue. We will reply with solution answer.

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