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Top 2 Twitter Video Downloader Trick Ways

Download and Save twitter videos offline. Here we discussing the topic of Twitter video downloader tricks. Hence the twitter not has the download option on their website but you still want video from twitter to offline. This article will solve the problem of downloading.

Below Discussed two ways on how to download twitter videos offline and It’s twitter video downloader. These are absolutely free of cost to download.

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Top Two Ways “Twitter Video Downloader”

The First method is for mobile devices. So, you can download from own android mobile phone with a simple application. The details of the application provided below read on.

Next, The second method is for Desktop Version. You may try on the mobile device also if possible. In this method, a website (software) provide you to download the twitter videos without any hassle.


Method 1: Android Applications

Here we are providing Top 5 best android applications list for download

1. Download Twitter Videos

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Download Twitter Videos is the best video downloader app to save videos, GIFs, and photos from your favorite tweets on your mobile phone or tablet. Save the best moments on Twitter and watch them every time you need, even offline.

download twitter videos

Share downloaded videos with your friends and family on social media network including Facebook, Instagram. You can download any video, GIF or Picture without any limitation. This app is free of cost no hidden charges.

2. Video Downloader for Twitter

video download for twitter

This Video Downloader is extremely used to download any kind of video file Click the below button and Install Now. Just copy the URL of the video on Twitter and paste it into application and download it. This App has one more feature is that “Quick Open Twitter” Now you can directly jump into the twitter application.

Download & Install Now!

3. Video or GIF Downloader for Twitter

twitter video downloader gif

Here is another Solution for downloading Twitter videos. This application builds fast action. You can download videos with an easy and fast mode. Then share it with your friends and family on social media platforms.

Key Features

1. Using the official Twitter app, open a video and click share.
2. Video sharing options screen will appear with a list of apps to share with it, then choose our app from the list.
4. The application will process your video request immediately and show the video options.
5. Press download from video options and enjoy 🙂

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4. Tweet Downloader

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twitter video downloader

GIF Tweet Downloader is a utility app, which helps to download GIF image from twitter in a fast and easy way no login required for downloading videos and it supports to give an output of various resolutions.

5. Instube


Instube is the best Video and Music Downloader. The Application satisfies all your needs. It available for free, Works fast and Securely. This site not only support twitter to download videos but many other multiple sites like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud etc..,

Download Twitter Videos So you need to open the Twitter application from the application and then login with your account download which would you like to download. After that, you need to open that video and click on the red button that appears on the bottom-right part of the screen. Lastly, you should choose the download format.

Present this application is not available on play store below we have provided a link to download Instube Application. Click, Download and Install it.

Install Now!


Method: 2 (Download Videos from Supported Websites)

1. Twitter Video Downloader

Website Address (

Twitter video downloader is an online tool to download twitter videos and the GIFs directly to your computer. Twitter videos & GIFs are integrated into the tweets. Thus, the URL or the link to the particular tweet is needed to download a video from the twitter online. Once the link is posted on their site, then the twitter video downloader interprets the URL of the Twitter video and extracts the embedded video URL. Once the twitter video URL is obtained, You can save twitter videos directly from their respective CDN to your personal computer.

2. Download Twitter Video

Website Address (

download twitter video

Start downloading videos of the Twitter users you follow to Mp4 in a second. Just copy the twitter video URL into the white box and click the Download button, wait a few seconds and the video is yours!


Website Address (

Just Copy the twitter URL and Paste into the Search bar then click on the download button, It will be offline within minutes.

4. Download-Twitter-Video

Website Adress (

Download your favorite twitter video in various formats like MP4, MP3, etc.., This Website has multiple advantages because they don’t show you any ads on the website, and it’s absolutely free. It compatible with multiple devices like pc, laptop, mobile, and tablet.


I hope this stuff will help you to get twitter videos to offline. All of the mentioned applications which can be used download videos from twitter with safe and legal. These are absolutely free.

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