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How To Translate Text To Speech Online

In this post, we will discuss text to speech online creators. Below specified best online tools that make your work easier. These tools work online with a free of cost. There is no strings attached. Let’s go to the list. Also read How to translate audio files to text for free.

1. From Text to Speech

text to speech

From text to speech is a free online tool that can be convert any text into audio file in MP3 format. Simply copy and paste the text in the box, you can paste up to 50000 characters. The software will support eight languages they are US English, British English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian with the speed of slow, medium, fast, very fast. Select any fellow you want male or female and more other voices.

2. Natural Readers

The Natural reader is a professional text to speech online software will work with many format documents like PDF, text, doc, e pub, ods, odt, pages,ppt, png, JPEG. Just drag and drop your files, or type and paste whatever the text it will convert speech of different languages. It supports 8 languages in free version. Want to use more languages in the editor just upgrade to premium version. The Paid version has more features than free version.

3. ODDCast

The software will help you somewhere to listen English words. Try different version to listen voice, language, and effects try it yourself.

4. Text to Speech Demo

The software work to convert text to speech. It converts in to natural language and generate synthesized audio output complete with appropriate cadence and intonation. Text to speech service will work with 13 voices and available in 7 languages.

Cool Funny Text Symbols

text to speech demo

5. Google Text to Speech

Google text to speech is a good service to work with accurate natural speech software try it now for free.


These are the list of text to speech online software’s. I hope these services will done work for you.