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How To Translate Audio To Text With Great Tools

Translate Audio files to Text for FREE

I will show you which tools are better to use for translate audio to text files with a free of cost some of them also paid version apps but they allow to trial for some period of time. Let’s read and find out which is better suits you.

What is Transcription

Translating audio files to text is called transcription. The Spoken words and audio songs turn into text. There are many tools for transcriptions of audio files. I will show you the best and great tools that will help in many purposes. Top 5 Online Free PDF combiners will create two pdf’s in one file.

The Great Tools

Below I have provided some of the great tools with listed. Top 10 Tools that will help you in a great way. Although these are free tools to use (Some of them are paid).

I have divided into three types. Most of the fellows use Online Tools they are Web Applications and Android Applications.

Web Applications.

1. Speech Recognition Soundwriter

speech recognition sound writer

The Speech Recognition SoundWriter offered by EVF-solutions. SRS is a free add-on for a tool for chrome browser. That works little differently with Google Docs. This tool is to work with voice recognition that taped audio or speaks your self. The Recording must be clear so the noise of background sound is clear then the tools is simply superb. It is available free for on the google chrome on google docs. Create Gif Images online for free.

Using the Speech Recognition add-on will work to write google docs documents. Be free from keyboard try the different way to express yourself with faster speed.

Add to Chrome Free

2. Google Web Speech API

Google web speech API is a Google product is free to use just you need to record our speech or play any audio recorded files. The API will recognize the audio then it gives the result of the text. At the first select language and country of your choice then play the audio the google web speech demonstration do the rest of the work for you.

google api

It will accept long audio files to convert also. Just give the audio input and get the best results.

Speech Transcription Setup

Requirements: Google Chrome Browser, Google Doc, Microphone, and Internet connection.

Open the google docs to create an office file you will find the microphone on the left side of the document click that icon then starts recording the audio of your own speech or any other audio files it will convert audio to text files without any errors. I will 100% definitely work without any further errors in your work.

text google docs

3. Speech Notes

It is an online tool that creates audio to text for any recording audio or records yourself in their website. Just click the mic to start dictating and creating the text file. At the bottom line, you will find the audio icon to listen to the created text then click on the copy icon to copy the created text. While dictating or recording the audio file press the enter button to separate and move to buffer to the text editor. Upgrade to get more beneficial options.

audio to text

Some of the applications are trial you can try and use in your own time and them. If they are most important for the work you are doing buy their premium version for best support below some of the list of trial applications.

  • Eurescribe
  • Listen N Write
  • (For PC and Mac)

Android Applications

Read about list of the Android Applications that is used to convert audio files to text for free.