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How to Transfer files from Mobile Android to PC

Learn How to Transfer Files from Android to PC (Personal Computer)

You have heard about transferring files from android to pc via using the wired transfer devices. You can do it connecting the mobile device to the computer and access all the files, images and videos. In this article, we will show you wireless transfer methods from Android Device to Personal Computer.

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You may be thinking that Bluetooth is the ultimate solution for transfer files from android to pc and vice versa. But the Bluetooth service will not work up to transfer files of 10 MB or Big files, It may slow down. It takes whole the day to waste time. So, here we discuss fast transfer methods. You don’t need to worry about money and it does not require external material.


Requirements For

Android Device

1. The Android Device Supports All Android Apps.

2. Need WiFi Facility.

Personal Computer

1. Your Laptop or Desktop Computer.

2. Enable WIFI Facility.

If you don’t have wifi compatibility to your desktop device them it must be connected to the same network.


Xender App: Transfer files from mobile to PC

Xender is the Best App Solution for sending files from desktop to Mobile and Mobile to Personal computer. It is very useful for everyone with easy installation on the mobile device and it doesn’t need the internet connection to do the whole work. It can transfer big files with fast mode action.

Benefits of using Xender Application:

1. Xender App is not required an internet connection to transfer files to both devices at a time. Required WIFI Enabled Device.

2. No need to download any extra application on the desktop because it works with the default browser.


Step by Step Process to Transfer files from XENDER Device

Before Starting this Process You need to install Xender Application for do this action. Follow below steps to transfer files from android to pc.

1. Download the XENDER Application from Playstore with the latest version.

2. Install App and Give Permissions to Access your files on the device.



3. Tap the Left bottom Button to send files (It is Orange Arrow Button within a sound shape)

4. Choose a Transfer device that is PC or Mac.

5. You can transfer any device which is connected to the same network and support the browser.

6. The popup message opens up then click the accept button.

7. Now your mobile is connected to PC. The Memory of Device is accessed by desktop device then download or send or receive any files.

8. Speed depends on the device which you are using mostly it will be 10 per second.

9. The All changes will be done on Android device next go for Desktop settings.

10. Go to the web address of Desktop version of Xender

11. Access Browser and Desktop Version of Xender by scanning it.

12. Now you are connected to xender. Transfer files and media with high speed without any interrupt.


Final Words

The above methods will solve your problem for transferring files from mobile to desktop and desktop to mobile. If you are facing any problems with the above xender application they will assist you to help anytime. I will update this post regularly with the new feature of applications and methods. Any doubts comment below and don’t forget to share with your friends. Stay tuned to TRICKG.