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Top 20 Best & Most Popular Torrent Sites In India

I hope this blog will help you to provide the best torrent sites in India to download any movie, video or audio everything on the internet. After the shutdown of the world most popular torrents sites in the world. Most of the torrents site in India and in the world or washed away. After that moment torrent sites have changed a lot of things in their sites to rank further without any issue. So, in this article, we dragon most popular sites to download torrent movies online is now on the list.

Caution: Be careful and Beware! while using these type of websites on your computer they are illegal to download movies, tv shows, and other things without paying anything. It is indulging in copyright infringement is against the law. In many countries not allowed to do that so be aware while using the torrent website.

List of most popular torrent sites in India

Below is the full list of the 20 sites that were most popular at the start of the new year. Still these sites are most popular. You can also read 10 Best Tasker Profiles for Any Newbie for Android.

1. YTS

Which is the most visited torrent sites int the starting of the year 2019? As we researched to find out those sites we got solution YTS torrent website over the pirate bay. Pirate Bay is the most popular and No.1 in this industry but users are mostly like to visit YTS. is the website unofficial successor. The YTS website is running by YTS or YIFY group. The website is really working on third-party releases of popular movies. However, this site was banned by several other torrents sites. Still, it is more popular.

2. The Pirate Bay

best torrent sites in india

The Pirate Bay site was also most popular in the torrent industry. It is the most galaxy’s most resilient BitTorrent site and it is the most popular torrent index in the world.

The site is running and providing great content to their users on the net since 2003. This website also blocked by many internet service provider over the globe. When you click on the pirate bay site it will is redirected t proxy site. It is one of the top most popular torrent sites in India.

It is the oldest site in the list. If we counted all traffic from the proxy domains it would likely still on the top of the list but due to some downtime connective for their site is some problems put down.

3. Torrentz2

The torrentz2 launched after closing the site. They closed this site voluntarily due to some issues but it is still going strong. This torrent site has a lot more options than an older site such as movies, games, ebooks, animations and applications and much more. They have improved more categories after launching a new site as compared to other torrent sites.

4. Lime Torrents

The lime torrents site has been in the internet world for more than half a decade. The lime torrents site has changed the domain a few months ago the changed to

This site is blocked by several network providers and local governments. If you want to still want to visit their website use VPN or Proxy sites.

5. 1337X site is a stable website for many years. It has a dedicated group to work hard. The uploader of this website provides fresh content every day for the user. The site has especially ISP blockades in several countries to grow their site continuously.

The List Continues…



8. Torrent Project







15. Gamestorrents (It for game lovers.)








I hope these sites are enough for you to download any kind of movies on the net. These are the best torrent sites in India. It is advised to beware of using these because in some places it is illegal to use those sites, It is against law so, keep safe and be happy.

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