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The Top 10 Best Free Url Shortener For Long Links

The Old fashioned way of using long URLs ended now there is plenty of free URL shortener to use short any long links with easy copy and paste method. The long links have more characters they look like spammy so there is one solution to shorten URL with the free URL shortener to remove the number of characters. The list provided below are the Top 10 best URL shortener leading the industry just to have a look and experience them.

Best List of Top 10 Free URL Shortener

There are plenty of services provide to shorten URL but we picked the best websites to give a great user experience.

1. Bitly


Bitly is the world’s leading link management platform. Using bitly you can brand, track, optimize every touchpoint of the link. Bitly giving services since 2008 they have improved lot more features in their website for future best marketing experience, It is the most widely used options out there.

Using bitly track how many clicks your shortened links receive, plus bookmark and organize those links on your own personalized dashboard.

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2. TinyURL

TinyURL is compatible with most web browsers and platforms. It is created to make a free service of making tiny URL instead of posting long URL with easy method.

TinyURL supports Redirection to any page in your site by entering an address to make the long link as a tiny link Address. It has preview feature of a link that how the URL looks like.

It is simple to use on any web browser and TinyURL has another great feature that will create an instant tiny link without visiting their website. The feature allows making toolbar button in the bookmarks menu. When we click on any webpage it will create a new link without visiting and pasting the website of TinyURL.




ADF.LY is The URL shortener service that pays you for shortening URL links. The more clicks you get on your links the more money you earn. Share these links on social media like facebook and twitter here is the win-win opportunity and you have a double benefit for links, website links get popularity at the same time you will earn money.


4. (changed website but working)

5. (working another redirection)

6. has awesome feature overall another shortener service that these links are human-friendly. Bitly and TinyURL services provide shorten the link but they are unreadable, it is difficult to remember and type.  But by using services you can customize your own link in a readable way.

Uses and purposes.

  • Track user clicks from your site to external websites.
  • Share links inside email messages without breaking lines
  • Track email marketing campaigns with stats in all links
  • Share short links in Twitter messages, blogs, microblogs and other social networks
  • Create customized links to easily remember your favorite addresses.
  • Share short links in instant messaging
  • Share easy-to-type links in news and printed material
  • Have clean and compact URLs for your use
  • Hide real URL (user will see the real link only after clicking the short URL)
  • Hide affiliate URLs
  • Create human-readable links
  • Send SMS messages with short links
  • Avoid errors when typing long URLs links with parameters


Google URL Shortener will simplify your links. It can access anyone These links are public and can be accessed by anyone. Bad news for Google URL shortener lovers because they turning down their support on March 30, 2018. You can download shortened URLs and analytics data.


IS.GD has many features including the bookmark that can be used into the homepage or bookmark page. It is simple to use website just brought the huge website link and paste in it. Track by using the link “I want to see statistics for this link”.

9. is an another Best and Free url shortener website. That will allow to shorten and share links for free anywhere in the online world. They provide even more customized to match the brand name or a campaign. is the only advanced URL shortener that turns your shortened links into new audience segments for your paid media campaigns to attract more clicks.

10. Webconfs (Bulk URL Shortener)

This tool allows you to bulk shorten URLs using the Google URL shortener. You can paste the list of the URLs one on each line, It will create shorten links most of the long links.


Above is the list of free url shorten that will create long links into readable and flexible links for customer user-friendly. Find EXACT Location with mobile Tracker.