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How To Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Disable Windows 10 Updates: This tutorial will explain you about how to stop Windows 10 updates that automatically turned on your computer or laptop. Automatic Windows Updates Eat your Data of WiFi and some problems may occur in your PC Before or After updating windows automatically. Such as slowing down the computer, Slow in data receiving etc..,

Some people want to update frequently when a new update is available. But there is a problem while updating windows sometimes the computer may crash so, we talking now about how to disable windows 10 updates. You can do manually without any hassle.

Stop Windows 10 Updates

Follow Below steps to stop windows 10 auto update. This is the primary fundamental way to disable windows 10 updates.

Enable or Disable Shutdown Options Automatically

#1. First of all, Go to Computer Management.

To Access Computer Management Right Click on the Computer Icon in your System. And Then Select Manage drop down the list. The new settings open in a new window.

stop windows 10 update

#2. On the Computer Management Window Under the list Given. Then Select Services and Applications.

stop windows 10 auto update

#3. Under the Service and Applications. You will find Services and WMI Control. Select the Services.

#4. Double Click on the Services Settings.

#5. Notice There are so many Options to choose. Find Out the Windows Update Setting Option.



#6. Now Click You have found the windows update setting Double Click on it and Go forward.

stop windows 10 automatic update

#7. A new Pop window will open then look at the service status. If it is running Stop it now, by clicking Below Stop Button.

#8. Now Change the StartUP Setting from Startup type. Change it to Disabled from Manual. When Disabled the Windows updates won’t work. You can change settings any time or can be updated in your mean time. Then Click Apply all the settings.

Now Click on the OK Button Below your settings will be changed and saved.

Successfully Disabled Windows 10 Automatic Updates. Now you can enjoy hassle free entertainment without any notification Disturbance.



This is the short and sweet tutorial without any boring lesson. Just Only solutions.

I Hope you will enjoy this solving Windows 10 update problem. If you have any doubt Comment below I will reply appropriate answer.

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