Solve the err connection reset in Google Chrome

Err_Connection_Reset is the common error in Google Chrome Browser.

It Usually comes up when the site you are trying to visit but it cannot connect to the connection and the site.
Sometimes some websites will work for you but these certain websites interrupt you from visiting their host.
This may be some technical issues cause this problem, I will Explain in detail how to solve this error.

Solve The Err_Connection_Reset Error In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the Most Popular Browsing Over Internet World. In my Experience chrome is the best solutions for best Web Browser Industry. Google Chrome Included more features, Extensions, and many customization tools. So, in this case, the browser facing some problem with internal problems fix it now.


Error Occurs for any Best Browser. Backlog Issues:

The following reasons may cause you to The err_connection_reset Error.

1. Sometimes Your Internet Connection Proxy Server Disabled. So, this error Occurred and you are facing the problem.

2. The ISP Firewall block the internet connection may cause this error.

3. Wi-Fi Power Cycle Stops the Connection of your Internet and Create this type of DNS error.

4. Another Reason is Your Internet IP Address may be blocked therefore the error created this error 101.

5. Sometimes Firewall of your computer, Antivirus Softwares, and Old Registry files block the Internet Connection and Create These type of error.

Solve This Problem

So We Observed The Above following reasons may cause err_connection_reset Error. So, Fix it all in step by step.

Fix Proxy Settings

Google Chrome Browser Uses Proxy Setting of your computer as its default sock settings so, it does not have any built-in proxy or sock settings like other browsers like in Mozilla Firefox. So, Sometimes The Proxy Server connected to the LAN Connection and Mixed with the DNS address then it creates the error 101.

Okay, solve this just follows below steps

1. First Go to your Control Panel Settings. Then Select your preference of View by from category to Large Icons on Top Corner of the area.

2. Now Go to the Internet Options and Click on it.



3. Internet Options open in a new pop-up window, then you need to select the Connections tab from the above options. And then go to below section Click on the LAN Settings Button. Then The LAN (Local Area Network) settings will open in a new pop-up window. Uncheck the Proxy Server Box Under the Settings of LAN.

Finally, Click OK Button to Save Settings, then come back again to Internet Properties Options and Click OK Button.



Finally, You are Done 🙂

Now go to your Browser and refresh that error page or restart your browser. The Error Solved with this Problem.


I will Explain About Solvation of Next Problem.


Disable Antivirus and Firewall Programs

Sometimes this error is caused by Antivirus or Firewall Programs. These services may block internet connection then the error will occur. So, Solve this Problem Disable these services. Uninstall antivirus software the problem is solved.


If You have any option in firewall software to set Internet type of settings, then choose the way you like and set your settings for prompt blocking websites in browsers. So, Your problem cleared and then the antivirus softer is there for preventing malware.


Clean and Clear the Registry files.

To clean Registry Files you need CC Cleaner on your computer. So, Download from this link.


CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your PC. CC Cleaner will clear all your files, browsing data, and UnInstalls any program quickly.

It protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and more secure!

Why use CC Cleaner?

The Error of err_connection_reset is sometimes caused by registry files.

The CC Cleaner will clear all your unwanted registry files so, this process also solves the problem.

After Completing this Process then restart your computer or chrome browser to take changes.


Check Power Cycle

In this Process check Wi-Fi power cycle and Internet Connection Cable. Now Unplug the connected Internet Connection from the router, and then Unplug the Power Cable Connection.

Wait for Five or Ten Minutes, then connect the cable properly.

This changes will take troubleshoot of this problem and fix the error by this system.


Reset IP Address to Solve this Error

Resetting IP Address will also solve this problem of this error.

Follow Below Steps:

1. Firs Click on the start menu and type “command” in the search option. Select and Right Click on it, then click on Run as Administrator. Open Command from the list.

(or) Open Command Prompt by clicking Windows Button and “R” Letter key at a time. Then type “cmd” then click OK. The Command Prompt will open.

2. Then Type “netsh winsock reset catalog” in the command prompt.

This will reset your IP of your Internet Provider.


Renew the IP Address.

First Follow the Above steps for opening Command Prompt. Then Type ipconfig/release. Then Hit the Enter Button.

The Command prompt open all the details in a while, wait for some seconds. You will get all the details present you have.


Next Type ipconfig/renew This command will renew the IP. Find Results on the section Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi, Your new IP Address will look like something like this IPv4 Address:

The DHCP Server will Assign you a new IP Address for your computer. You will get the below results.



In the All these Methos will solve your 90 percent of the problem. If any Problem Occurred Trying all these things also now this time for contact ISP Provider.


Contact ISP Provider.

Sometimes These Internet ISP Providers block IP’s of people who didn’t pay money for dew, or low balance, or wire connection problem, or Server problems. Immediately contact ISP Provider and ask him clear details about how to clear this problem. They will assist you to make sure solve your problem for this error.


Final Words.

Thank you for reading this article. I will write my level best articles for solving your problems, so, I Hope this is enough for solve this error. Comment below section your queries I will help you to solve your problems with no hesitation.

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