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How to Share LIVE Location with Whatsapp

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Share Live Location on Android Mobile

In Todays TRICKG Post we will learn how to share live location in WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp is a widely used messenger application in the world.

Sharing is caring, It will help you when you are in danger or trapped by anyone. Share live location when you go out lonely. It is very helpful for girls to protect themselves. Share your location with the trusted person only.

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Steps to share live location

1. Open the WhatsApp Application on your phone. The Green Icon of WhatsApp Mobile.

2. Go to chats Tabs and select a person whom you want to send the live location. I recommend sharing live location with the trusted person you know very well in real world. Don’t share locations with any anonymous persons or unknown person.

3. Start Conversation with the person. Below the conversation, menu home finds the attachment symbol (Paper Clip Icon). It is located near the type message.

4. A pop-up window opens up there will be more options to send photos, Documents, Audio and Contact as well as you will find the location option menu and click on it.

share live location

5. Give Allow Access to share live location. Then click continue button. It will access device location and send information to the receiver.

share location

Now Send your current location as per your choice. You can share live location by tapping share live location or share nearby places and current location by tapping below button.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. This is the normal information everybody should know if you are in danger situation. Share with your family members only if they care about you. Don’t share with unknown persons. All responsibility is taken by you. We are not responsible for any illegal happen knowingly or unknowingly.