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How To Send Instagram Dm From Computer

Instagram DM Solutions

Hello everyone today we bring Instagram dm solutions for PC users. Instagram is fully developed to use in mobile devices. Recently the desktop application also released here some of the features are missing like uploading photos directly.

In this article, we brought you the solution for how to send Instagram direct messages to any devices using Personal Computer.

How to send Instagram Direct Messages

You can use Instagram direct messages to send messages, photos, and videos from your gallery to one or more than one people on the friend’s list. You can share your profile, Hashtags, Locations etc.., Instagram is a popular application that widely used by loved users.

By using the Instagram app you can send direct message or profile options to send a direct message. Here the Desktop doesn’t have the option to send the direct message from a computer. So, Don’t worry we have two advanced methods to send a direct message to everyone.

There are two methods to send direct messages from Personal Computer.

Desktop App IGDM

(First Method)

Visit the site IGDM for the official address. This is not an Official Application for Instagram but this is a third party application that works to send direct messages from user to user. Instagram DM is enabled in this application which is not available for the launched official desktop app.

How to Send Directly Messages Using IGDM

Open the IGDM website and download the application for Windows, OSX, Linux, that which OS system you are using.

instagram dm

Search for the user to send a message then start the chat. From There You can send Direct Messages, Receive, and View Image.

Here are some of the steps to send Instagram DM to Anyone in the mobile application.

  1. Using Instagram dm

Open the Instagram application on your mobile if you logged in into Instagram app no problem if not first logged into Instagram with your username and password. If you are currently not the user then create an account there.

2. After logged in go to Homepage of your Instagram then select the paper plane icon in the top right corner of the screen. This is a direct Instagram messaging service open it now for direct message services. If you are not on the home page then click on the house shaped icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

3. Tap New Message then Select a person whom you want to send the message here one and more than one people can be taken to the group. Type the username and select a person if a huge friends list has.

4. Create a Message If you want to add some pictures or photos, you can tap the icon in the left field of text message then select a photo of your choice.

5. Send Message to send your created message by tap send button. The button is located right of the message field.This will deliver the message directly to your recipient.

Second Method

Bluestacks Way

Here you need another software that is PC Emulator Bluestacks. We have created a guide for you to How to use Bluestacks for Instagram Application. Go throw it and Send the direct message to anyone using this application.

How to use Instagram from Pc

Follow the above five steps here also. First, you need to download the emulator and install it. After successful installation, then download the application on Instagram.

Sign up and Logged in then use the application to send Direct messages. Use above five steps same here also to send simple Direct Messages with photos also.


Mentioned two best methods to send Instagram from PC or from mobile. I will hope these tricks will help you.