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How To Send Blank Message On Whatsapp New Tricks

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How to send Blank Message on WhatsApp. You heard right. Many of the people on social media like Facebook are using this type of trick. In this post, we will discuss how to send the blank message in WhatsApp.

You might be thinking I can’t send a blank message using WhatsApp messenger but we have done all the homework for you try our tricks 100 percent working. It looks somewhat tricky but exactly works.

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Blank Message On WhatsApp

Sending the blank message on Whatsapp wasn’t possible before but it is possible now we discovered the possible ways to send a blank message without doing nothing much. Your friends reacted with WOW Action if you do this trick. Share this post them if you want to tell the secret how to send WhatsApp blank message.

Everybody Know Android Application is a better solution for everything to solve the problem with the techie. Nothing can impossible with android software that has created for the purpose.

Here are some of the solutions for Send Blank Message Just follow Our Methods.


#1. No word App

With This Simple Application, You can send A white or Blank Message to frank friends and family. This is the simplest method among these. In this method, you need to download NoWord Application and install it in your smart mobile. Lots of applications are available in play store like these apps but we will suggest you the best application is No Word Application.

Follow Below Steps,

noword app

  1. Download the Application NoWord From Playstore Click the Link and Download.
  2. Install the Application and Allow Permissions.
  3. Open Now and You will find the A Blank Message Image and Below Click on the Send Button.
  4. Then Select the Application From Which Medium you want to send (Here I suggest you Choose WhatsApp)
  5. Send to any people In this way blank message.

blank message frank

Now you are done. In this way, you can send messages of blank with WhatsApp in an easy method.


#2. Using Notepad

Here another Simplest and great method to send blank WhatsApp message. You need a Personal Computer to use this trick. If you don’t have PC then you can try the first method by downloading our suggested application. You can try our another solution for How to Delete A sent WhatsApp message after reading.

Follow Below steps to send a message on WhatsApp with no text.

  • Open the Notepad Text editor then give space there. (Or) Type ALT+255 or type ALT+0160. This will be a blank space added to your notepad.
  • Now save the blank space on your computer.
  • Transfer the file of notepad you have created by using Bluetooth, ShareIt or any method.
  • Open the blank text file using any text viewer.
  • Once you open the file copy the blank space by taping and holding.
  • Now Open WhatsApp and Select for whom you want to send the blank message and prank them.
  • Paste the copied blank content from the text file.
  • Now you are Done.
  • This can be done by using Web WhatsApp.


Some of the Basic Tricks are available for solve the problems you are facing right now we keep updating this post with new tricks. I hope this trick will solve sending the message of blank in WhatsApp. If you are facing any problem with above methods comment below.

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