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How To Run Dual WhatsApp Account In One Device

Dual WhatsApp Trick for Run Two Accounts in One Android

Dual WhatApp: If you want to use multiple whatsapp accounts on the same device so, this guide for you only. In this post, you will learn how to run 2 whatsapp accounts in one single device without any rooting. Whatsapp is so much popular in this time and its growing day by day. Daily Millions of users open their whatsapp and chat with someone friends and family. Many fellows want to use whatsapp account for dual purposes like dual mobile SIM’s. Now they are wondering how to use two whatsapp in one phone I will show you exact step to download dual whatsapp apk and some other applications.


dual whatsapp

How to Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone

Some of the techie fellows use 2 whatsapp in one phone by rooting their device but you don’t worry we teach you how to use two whatsapp in one phone of multiple whatsapp Account. You Don’t Need to worry about rooting. We will teach you how to do it without rooting. This is so Beneficial for who want to use their whatsapp account in a dual mode. Because they want to use it one for Office and One for personal. In Our Android Phone, we use Dual sim features too, so why not dual whatsapp accounts can be used in same android mobile.

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This is so Awesome Feature We would like give you a better information on any subject if you have any doubts comment below. We Respond to it and give you a better answer. Whatsapp dual mode is a great feature. Billion of users use whatsapp daily in their life. You can found more features in GB WhatsApp Check Now. Many of the phones come in build for dual apps. So, You can change settings from there. In this tutorial, we would like to help via some great apps. This will enable to use multiple whatsapp Accounts in a single Mobile phone.


Requirements for Run Dual Whatsapp

For Using Dula or Multiple Accounts of Whatsapp you need some things and tools to be setup on your Android device. So, We have listed some of the basic requirements for how to use two whatsapp in one phone. Check below now.

Single 2 Dual Whats App Method

1. Android Mobile Phone

2. Playstore App If not have (Download From Here)

3. Our Desired WhatsApp Application (Download Here)

4. Now You are ready to do Dual WhatsApp

5. Setup WiFi or Internet connection 2G/3G/4G whatever you access.

Now, All Set Let’s Begin to do 2 whatsapp in one phone.


Steps Included How to use two WhatsApp in one Phone

Below we are Explained Step by Step Process on How to make dual WhatsApp. How to Install App set it to create using multiple whatsapp accounts. This is the Simplest method that you don’t need to root mobile, not worry to about risk taking with spy apps. This is the Safe app you can download Directly from Here or From Playstore. To download Click the Button Below.


This Button will take you to the Playstore then simply download from it. Or you can simply Type Parallel Space in Google Play Store Search Bar and Download this App. I have Provided Image below that how the app looks like and its logo.

dual whatsapp

Steps Simplified:

1. After Downloading the Parallel Space App You need to Install and Run it on your Device.

2. Done Installation, Then Open the App and Browse the list of apps.

3. From the list Select the whatsapp Icon and click Add to Parallel Space Button. This will automatically create another whatsapp on your phone.


multiple whatsapp


4. Now Launch New Whatsapp App. Tap on the Whatsapp logo the whats app application launches.

5. Your Second WhatsApp Enabled. Now you can use another dual whatsapp account so, signup with other mobile number and let’s enjoy.


Final Words

This is the simple method to use Multiple Whatsapp Account at a time in one mobile phone. This will work for another application also such as Facebook, Hike, and etc.., You can use multiple accounts for multiple Applications. This method, not root required no hard work for this simple download the desired following parallel space application then simply follow above steps now you are the master of two children. I mean Handle both of your apps in one phone. This is so cool Ha.. 🙂 🙂



If you have any doubt regarding these methods feel free to contact us or comment below. We will approach you and solve your problem. There are many methods to use multiple accounts like this but I like to use this method only because this method work for me better why not for you. Okay, Lets have a look at other posts of our blog they will help you to solve your other issues. If you liked this post share to your friends and family and educate them with these tricks with TRICKG.