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How To Run Android Apps Side By Side For Multitasking

The multi-tasking side by side feature first introduced in the latest version of Android 7.0 Nougat these are the new features they inbuilt settings to run apps side by side or one above the other. It is very helpful to do more works at a time such as display photos and optimizing social media at a time.

It is absolutely useful for reading from one side and writing on the other side. Or writing looking into another tab image. Drag and drop feature also possible to share data or move the data from one pane to other.

How to use split screen mode in Android phone

It is very useful to do multitask at one time. This will save more time. This feature may work only if an updated version of Android OS. There are plenty of third-party applications are there to work done for you.

The Steps

The feature to view the split option varies from mobile to mobile some mobiles have this feature in the app switcher icon and some are in the bottom of the screen.

So, now go to the home screen and tab the app switcher icon, that is available in the square in some mobiles and some in lines.

The feature will available at the bottom of the screen this is available in most mobile phones. Tap on to that button this will launch the recently opened files. In that window, you will able to see the split option or Split Icon tap on it. Then select the which window application do you want to view in a side by side tabs then select one of the panes from the list of recently opened. At least open supported two applications at this time.

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Select the two application panes it will show you side by side the task may work side by side without the time wasting this will run smoothly on an upgraded version of mobiles. If you don’t have an updated Android version of nougat I will recommend to Use Third Party Applications to do multitasking at a time.


The split option work on any updated android mobile. Do multiple works and tasks at a time. The split option will support landscape view or portrait view. It is very comfortable to do work in handy. Half of the screen will display the Primary Selected panel add any app you want to add and do multitasking. Some applications don’t support this feature such as system applications so leave at this moment. It will show the pop-up message that it supports the split option or not.

split options

Split Screen Options

Split screen will work with portrait mode or landscape mode. Before it enables the rotating mode in the mobile phone to work with the split option.

Arrange area of the panels: Adjust the area of the panels how much space do you need to work with each application. Tap and hold the border of the panel or middle of the screen and then rearrange the area that you want for the workspace increase or decrease the amount of screen.

The End: Touch and hold the split section and the applications go initial position view the original mode of the mobile screen.


The split option is available for the updated new version of Android so check the mobile updated version or update software. Automatically the split options will display in the Android mobile.

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