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How To Remove Virus From Windows Without Software

How to Remove Virus From Windows: Some Files on your computer will be not deleted if we delete it many times but the files show some errors because these files are attacked with malware. In this post, I will show how to malware remove from your Personal Computer without any antivirus softwares.

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Malware Removal

What I use to remove malware without any software. CMD (Command Prompt) Yes I use this cool feature to remove malware from my computer read step by step process how to use CMD for malware removal. Now Follow the steps below to delete viruses.

Step by Step Process:

#1. First Go to CMD Options. To Do this Just type CMD in the search bar and Select cmd.exe file. Then After selecting the file Right Click on the CMD and Click RUN As Administrator.

#2. The Command Prompt Opens. First Get out from all the Programme files. At first, the CMD show you from windows and Programm files so, type (cd..) and then one more time type the same command (cd..).

Now you will out of all the program files now you can access the whole system here of the C-Drive.

malware removal


#3. You are now on the C-Drive. Then Type attrib and Hit the Enter Button. You will find Files on the C Drive.

How to Detect Malware:

If Malware is attached to files then how to detect and find it and delete it.

You have observed there are many files containing in Folders of Drive.

If Any files or Folder like .exe, .inf. Check Carefully.

SHR   I    This is the solution to find out malware files. If any file of exe the SHR  I  Came before them then the proof of malware is affected to those files. Similarly for .inf files also. Find all those files and Delete them. I will show you how to delete those files on cmd.

virus removal

The Above Image tells you that there is no virus affected on the system. In My Personal Computer, there is no malware is detected. So, If Malware is detected the SHRI Comes before the .exe file Remember that. Only the infected file can be deleted from the computer.

How to Delete Virus Affected Files:

Deleting Virus Effected files from Computer. First You need to change the values of attrib’s so,

Type attrib -s -h -r -a -i  and then write the file name which you want to delete it.

For Example attrib -s -h -r -a -i win10.exe, Another Example attrib -s -h -r -a -i npavdun.exe (Delete Virus Affected Files Only)

Hit the Enter Button. Then the files attribute changed now you can able to delete those files.

to do this,

Type in command prompt. del space and File Name Which you want to delete it.

This will work better and you can delete virus files without any antivirus software.


PS 🙂 Hope This will Help You.


Parameters of attribs

S = System file/folder

H = Hidden file/folder

R = ReadOnly file/folder

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