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How to play VR Apps on Android and iPhone

Many members of the online family they asked how to play or videos on android phone and iPhone. This is the article to give you more information about how to look at virtual reality cinematic effects and 360-degree view.

VR is starting to become a big deal. Virtual reality videos are often famous because of its adventure that gives you feel of being there in that unreal world.

Nowadays are Most of the fellows are asking on forums and on the web, how they can watch those movies on their mobile phones. So, we came with the best answers to clarify all your doubts. further details read the article til the end.

Some of the smartphones are coming inside with gyroscope to run the 360 virtual reality videos whether it is android or iPhone. They mobile can convey those videos to look in VR mode. But in some mobiles there is no such feature to run here we recommend some applications to run VR videos. Below are the List of the applications to download and run VR videos.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is available for both Android and iOS. You can download from google play store and apple store. The application supports android games to play a lot easier. This is the application is a must-have in android to experience the cardboard. Google hasn’t updated this application since 2016 but we recommend to use it because the only app that does good work.

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Full Dive VR

Full Dive VR is the interesting application feature for the Android and IOS. It plays any kind of video like 2D, 3D, and 360-degree virtual reality videos on your smartphone.

At the end, Every VR box is come up with it’s own application then see the recommnend application by the company, download and use it.

Youtube VR

Most of the members are don’t want to download videos, they directly want to see the videos of online. So, here you will find tons of videos of Virtual Reality supported videos on different subjects. Some of youtube channels are stream only VR videos of adventurous with high quality 1080 pixels and 360 degree angle.

How to use Youtube to watch VR Videos?

Your First step is to go to Youtube application then play any video on the screen. You will find theree dots on right left corner. After that you will find option to watch in VR click and Enjoy the video.

Final Steps

Above mentioned best applicatins that i personally use. If you want to use it then just download and experience virtual reality. Any suggestion applications just comment below I will list in the article. If you found this article helpful just share with your friends.

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