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PhonePe App Offers : Get RS150 In Account Directly

Phonepe offers are going viral in online. They are providing RS150/- per one referral. You can win up to 2 lacks and Daily cash prizes.

I will tell you simple steps to make money from phonepe. Just earn money for referring people. Win their daily cash prizes and much more to save money.

About Phonepe

Now phonepe is powered by Yes Bank is India’s one of the best UPI app which allows you to transfer money in an easy way to directly into your bank account instantly. Drag and Drop system for transfer money into the account. You can pay mobile bills, DTH bills, and Electricity bills by using phonepe’s smart wallet. Splitting bills, sending money to others requesting cash from friends are some more additional features included.

phonepe offers


Read till the end so that I will guide you how to make thousands of money with the phonepe app.


Requirements for eligibility phonepe offers

1. Bank Account
2. Mobile Number

Bank Account and Mobile Number should be Interlinked. Mobile Number linked with bank account must be required and same as well as bank account linked with the same mobile number and a linked debit card to that account.

3. And You need a minimum of 300 rupees of balance to make the first transaction. (For gaining 50% of cashback)


? What Type of transactions are eligible for getting 50% of cashback.

You make be wondering which type of transactions phonepe will be giving you the cashback offer. According to their terms and conditions this offer is valid for Recharges, Bill Payments, Sending Money for Individuals.


? What is the minimum transaction.

The Minimum Transaction for getting cashback offer from phonepe offers is RS 300.


? What is UPI.

The UPI Stands for Unified Payment Interface.

UPI is a payment system that allows you to transfer money between any two parties. So it’s like NEFT/RTGS/IMPS? Kind of, except it’s far more well defined and standardized across banks, which means you can initiate a bank account transfer from anywhere with a few clicks.

This system works with a virtual payment address see below examples.

All Set, If you have above all the requirements then proceed to Sign Up for a Phonepe Account.

Phone Pe Offer Details

I Don’t want to Waste your time. Okay, Let’s Discuss Phonepe referring offers step by step.

  1. Download the Phonepe App Now on your Android phone.

2. Fill Out the all the details with the mobile number, passwords and account details.

3. Generate a unique UPI Id. (Don’t Share with anyone). Once you setup UPI you are now eligible to transfer money to anyone, anywhere.

4. Now you are eligible for cashback offer to utilize it. (Make any transaction of minimum 300 rupees, remaining 50% cashback of 150 rupees directly deposited into your account.

(Make any purchase of minimum 300 rupees, remaining 50% cashback of 150 rupees directly deposited into your account. Condition: This offer is only valid for primary users of phonepe if you already used it before you don’t get now.)

5. After the Successful transaction, you will get cashback within 24 hours.

This time for acquiring the rich cake pieces. Try to get it now!

6. Now go to the sidebar of the app and click the invite and earn option.

You will get a referral link copy that link and post into Facebook, whatsapp and other social media platform to grab your referrals.

You will get money after they successful registration with your link.

Refer more members to get more money.

Bonus: You will also make money in daily cash prizes.


Download the App Now!



Bonus Tricks for you ONLY

You will make more money with phonepe even you can make thousands of money. Not only for referring people they are rewarding as Daily cash prize bonuses and Weekly Cash Prizes.

Now this time for Invite people and make a sweet money. Let’s do it quickly because this offer ends soon as their required fulfillment Filled.

So, Join Now

Refer More Members with your referral link. Phonepe will provide you all the details in the phonepe app. Bring that URL and paste it on social media pages to get more members under you.


Win Cash Prizes Worth 2,00,000 Rupees.

Participate in the League contest and win Daily Cash bonuses.

Phonepe Prize the people who get more referrals in one day time of 24 hours.

  • RS 15,000 Cash Bonus for First Prize RS 10,000
  • Cash Bonus for Second Prize
  • RS 5,000 CashBonus for Third Prize


Check Who won the Daily Cash Prizes

Below Screen Shot Who won the daily cash bonuses on the date 13th May 2017.

See the Below Screenshot and Observe clearly, the winning members are referring 30 members daily and earning daily cash bonus worth 15,000 of rupees. So, why you can’t move and do work. Refer more people and make money of referring people.

Or Checkout This URL Click Here to find more daily or weekly winners.


In this excellent system, you can make money referring people plus daily cash bonuses.

Let’s Do some Maths

If you refer 30 members daily, the money you received in wallet is 30*50 is equal to 1,500 and

Daily cash bonus 15,000. The Total Amount You will Earn is 1,500 + 15,000 is equal to 16,500.

Get Chilled out :). This so cool cash okay Don’t waste time and promote now and make money.

Below I have provided a link to phonepe account Click on the link on your android phone, simply download the app from google playstore register with correct details and follow the instructions, I have provided details about how to register with this account beginning of this article. Read carefully and follow correct steps.

Download The App Now!


Other Beneficial Offers from Phonepe

Amazing phonepe offers Includes:

  1. You will get 10% Cashback on Postpaid Mobile Payments. The Maximum Cashback is Rupees 50 per transaction.2. Get 50 Percent of Cashback on your first UPI transaction. The Maximum Cashback is Rupees 150.3. Try 20% Cashback on any prepaid mobile recharges. The Maximum Cashback offer is RS 20. per transaction.4. Now get 10% Cashback OFFER On BSES Rajdhani and BSES Yamuna Bill Payments. The Maximum cashback offer is Rupees 100.5. Flipkart Offer. Go Cashless with Flipkart and order Cash on Delivery with Phonepe then get cashback worth Rupees 150.Before Doing any Payments Online on any offers read all their Terms and Conditions Carefully.

Final Words

All the Best for your potential earning. Try to read their Terms and Conditions before referring people. Make money referring more people. Refer more people in one day to eligible for daily cash prizes.