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dual whatsapp

How To Run Dual WhatsApp Account In One Device

Dual WhatsApp Trick for Run Two Accounts in One Android Dual WhatApp: If you want to use multiple whatsapp accounts on the same device so, this guide for you only. In this post, you will learn how to run 2 whatsapp accounts in one single device without any

How To Hide WiFi Network On Router Easily

How to Hide My WiFi Network Hide WiFi Network is a very Important thing in this technology world. Hackers are Everywhere Our Weak Settings of Router may lose for preventing access to others. So, we need to set our WiFi Network Securely. Here we discuss

How To Check Internet Speed Test Broadband

Check Internet Speed of Broadband or Mobile with Speed Test Broadband Speed Test:  Here You will learn how to test internet speed and of your Broadband or service provider. Why You Need to Check Internet Speed: If the service provider is giving you low internet speed.

facebook page

How To Delete Facebook Page Instantly

 How To Delete Facebook Page Instantly Hello, Howdies today we are going to learn how to delete facebook page. We are The Community People of Trick G, Here we solve any problem in an easy manner. You Don’t Need to any other source. Facebook Page is the most

How To Delete Facebook Group Trickg Help Centre

Delete Facebook Group Now! In this Post, you will learn how to delete facebook group. TrickG Teaches you how to do the next process. Follow Below Step by Step Process: Steps to Delete Facebook Group in Desktop In Order to delete facebook group First, you