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How To Fix Packet Loss And Causes

First of all, I would like to mention you and explain what is packet loss and how to fix packet loss.

To Explain packet loss, I will need to explain the theory of packet loss.

In the Internet world, there is a huge Internet traffic, carrying throw packets are units of data carried by the network.
Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data traveling across a computer network fail to reach the specific destination.

The main reason for packet loss is typically caused by network congestion.


Do Packet Loss Test and stop High Packet Loss (Offline Checking)

Packet loss is measured as a percentage of packets lost with respect to packets sent.

So, Do a small packet loss test for detecting is really packets are losing or not.

Steps Included:

1. Open Command Prompt. (Press Windows key simultaneously ‘R’ Key)
2. The command prompt opened with the popup then type “ping -n 20”
3. Once the command run search is completed. The results will be visible like below image.

packet loss fix
4. You have observed that the loss of packets is 40 percentage.
5. If there is no loss you need to do anything all will be safe for you and your internet packets also.
6. There is something lost in your internet packet loss then read below article for how to fix packet loss in detail.


Another Method to Detect Packet Loss (Online Checking)

This is a Simple method this works on online only.

Steps Included:

1. Go to the website FREEOLA.
2. Begin the Broadband Line Quality Test.
3. The software of that website ping your IP Address and then give the results of losing packets and much more information.
4. And You will test Line Quality Test and Speed test with their software.

packet loss


The Result will be shown in the below image.

how to fix packet loss

You will Observe the following Packet loss, latency, jitter.

From the above image there in none of the packets are losing.

We will move into the basic problems occurred for packet loss fix (what causes packet loss)

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What Causes Packet Loss

1. Network Congestion

2. Device Performance

3. Software Issues

4. Faulty Hardware


How to Fix Packet Loss

Fix the loss of packets in your router settings.

  • Enable the Quality of Service in the settings of the router. This will prioritize time-sensitive data like gaming and streaming.


  • Connect Your Laptop or Desktop Device Directly with the wire. The packet loss occurs when your wifi signals are weak. So, connect directly.


  • There is no another option for fixing the loss of packets of your internet. Then Change your wifi router.


  • Change your Internet plan or Upgrade with that plan to solve this issue.


PS 🙂 If you have any queries comment below. I will reply with the answer packet loss fix. This topic is not completed in my opinion there are a lot of things to be mention. I will be Keep updating this topic.