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Loop Youtube Videos: Best Guide On How To Loop Youtube Videos On Windows/Pcs/Mac.

Best Guide To Loop Youtube Videos And Watch Them Continuously (Updated 2017)  

Do you guess what youtube loop is or have you ever needed a song or video to play again and again?

If Yes, then in this guide, you will find the best possible ways on how to loop youtube videos. We will tell you how to watch them over and over. Youtube the worlds best video site to watch any kind of videos.

On youtube, you will see that there are many videos which are intended to watch only once.

But there are many youtube videos like a favorite list of music to play, videos songs, best video playlist and you feel it watch it over and over.

However, there was not a  native way to set a YouTube video on “ youtube repeater” to repeat the youtube videos indefinitely.

Earlier it so happened that to watch or listen to the youtube videos over and over. What the creators used to do, they usually create a looping of videos and upload it to youtube. They were with massive 12-hour of compilations.

The youtube community address this problem and thankfully they, upgraded their video player to HTML 5, so that on different web browsers all you have to do is just right-click on the video to loop it! To watch it again and again.

In this article, I’ll mention all the different ways to loop a YouTube video in your browser. If you are trying to do this on a phone, it won’t really work from the YouTube app.

I’ve tried it and the only way is to tap on the repeat button when the video finishes. If you need to replay a video on your phone, use the web browser.   You can use one of the methods to repeat youtube videos as per your need.

So Here’s a deal

Have a look at this Methods.

But before that just have a look at what exactly Youtube Loop or Youtube Repeater is?

What is Loop Youtube Videos or Repeat Youtube Videos?

It’s a web tool which allows playing YouTube videos in an infinite loop, what means: the video

Which means you can start the video again automatically without any intervention after it reaches the end.

Youtube Loop And Its Uses.

  1. You can load multiple YouTube videos to repeat it again and again.
  2. Ready to play full or parts of a YouTube videos in an infinite loop.
  3. Easy control of the loaded YouTube videos.
  4. You can search YouTube videos in a comfortable way.

When to repeat YouTube video in an infinite loop?

  • Watching instructional YouTube video and you need a specific part of it to watch it again and again
  • When you have heard a music which is so addictive to have to listen again and again and again…
  • To watch funny video for the 1000 times without having action with the tool.
  • When you need want to watch YouTube videos without advertisements

Now let’s see the working methods for repeating youtube videos.



Below we explained that How to loop youtube videos perfectly with any method. All of the possible ways.

Follow Below steps to easy loop youtube videos.

  • Open Youtube in the Browser (If you are using the mobile device then tap on the top right corner of the area then select Desktop version from the options because the mobile version does not have loop option)

youtube looper

  • Right, Click on the Video then Select Loop Option from Drop Down menu. This will enable loop for the video.
  • While Loop is enabled, the video will continue to reload and repeat every time it finishes.

This feature is available for all the browsers.

Best List of Websites

Some of the websites that allow you to directly allow you to watch loop youtube videos from their host. The list of some of the websites is below.

youtube loop

Youtube Loop. Here you will find all the options of the video player on the above image. Search any youtube video and then enter Go Loop! Button. The Best one of youtube looper all the features of looper videos found here let’s go and enjoy looping videos.

infinite looper

Infinite looper also one of the best youtube looper to watch repeated videos. Open the Video which video do you want to watch or copy from the youtube then watch. Slide the bar they provided in the below of youtube to from to end which time to loop video, watch and enjoy.


loop youtube videos


Chrome Extension for Loop Youtube Videos.

ADD to Chrome now!

It is an Extension for Chrome Browser. The feature is added to chrome that will automatically be added to youtube options. It can work on an auto relay. You can loop videos then.

Final Words

I hope the collection of youtube methods will help you. I will keep updating this post for new service or features when the new update is coming in the market. So, keep visiting our site for more updates and share with your friends and educate them.

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