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How To View Private Facebook Profiles

If you want to view some others facebook profiles without as a friend. If you want to see, some others facebook profiles without as a friend.

Today I will Explain to you how to See Private Facebook Picture of someone.

Follow our simple procedure explained below.

View Either that person blocked you on facebook or restricted you from seeing their account.

Know His/Her Basic Details like Name, Profile Picture, and Some other More Details.


This Trick will work you when

  • Even If They Blocked Your Account
  • Even They are not a friend of you.
  • If they were using privacy to Only ME.

how to view private facebook


How To View Private Facebook Profile Pictures

With this small trick, you can view DP of some others. Read On..,


#1. Open the Person Profile who’s photo you want to see.

#2. Copy the URL of the profile of that person. It is in the top search box.

#3. Now open the website and Paste the Copied Facebook Profile URL There.

You will get a digital ID of that person copy that ID.

Link to the following URL               like DIS 🙂 ID/picture?width=80

See the Demo Example


How to do it.

For Example, the user ID of that person is 100000811759763, so make I will write the URL Look like this.

Link that ID Like this

Browse that link on your search bar. Now you able to see the hidden profile picture.

In this way, you can view private facebook profile picture


Common Errors

When finding the profile picture, some others complained about the errors they got.

If you are also getting this type of mistakes, read how to fix it.

The Error Code shows like this. { “error”: {“message”:”(#803) Some of the alias you requested do not exist: YOUR_PROFILE_URL”, “type”:“OAuthException”, “code”: 803 } }

This error code occurs because the reason you entered wrong Facebook user ID of that person. To solve this check that User ID and again try to find like above I mentioned.
Find the User is correct or not. For this Just Enter the User ID and Enter the Confirmed user ID in the place of YOUR_PROFILE_URL.

Then hit the enter button to see if the user ID is correct or not.


How to Know Basic Information of Facebook User

To View, Private Facebook Profiles follow below steps.

First, you need to log out your facebook account.

And then Enter the URL of user complete profile you want to view in the address bar of the browser.

It looks like (First, you have to decide whose profile you want to know about) Then Hit the Enter Button.

Now you will able to see the person’s Facebook profile with all the details.


And you will try in an alternative way (If you don’t know the User of a particular person)


Search in Facebook search bar his/her name like “sainth torrem” and then hit Enter button.

You will see the list of profiles as your search query.

You can sort by selecting names, addresses, gender in the settings.

Let’s Have fun finding People 🙂 🙂


Funny Thing 🙂 How to Combine Facebook Profile Picture and Cover Photo


Go Deep “how to view private facebook”

Make a Fake Facebook Account as trusted.

Find the Subject or target any person steal the complete details of basic or any.

Choose a Subject like Maths Teacher and Send Friend requests to your targeted fellows.

If they accepted. This is the fun time to know everything about their private Facebook profile details.

Be cautious here change VPN and IP’s of your computer.



I hope you will solve with this solution tips. Don’t be over estimate for accessing their profiles because this is against privacy policies. But this is the one trick that one of the loopholes of Facebook. They are ignoring with this complain so, I have mentioned Here.

Note: This is for Educational Purpose Only.