How to Uninstall Bluestacks Completely from Windows

uninstall bluestacks


In this post, I will explain about how to uninstall bluestacks from your computer completely.

Even though you are already uninstalled bluestacks but the error showing “It Fails to Uninstall Bluestacks Completely” Further, we can’t Install new version or can’t delete this either. So, you are embarrassing with this problem. Okay, Don’t worry now. Here Explained in detail for to solve this problem.

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Why Bluestacks fail to uninstall Completely.

The Bluestacks is having bugs in because it is in the still development stage. Don’t worry the Bluestacks support team will work for you to solve any problem.

I have read Some Problems facing blue stacks by anonymous fellows from toms guide.

bluestacks uninstall app bluestacks uninstall

Many of the fellows are struggling with this problem.

From today you don’t need to face any problems with BlueStacks app. I will show you how to uninstall bluestacks completely from your computer. Many others are facing same problems with this app to uninstall.

See the Below Description, I have explained detailed in step by step manner

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Steps to Uninstall BlueStack App

If you uninstall BlueStacks but the all files of the app data will remain in certain folders. So, the First step is to uninstall app then remove all the data from the system.

Uninstall Now

Step 1: Open Control Panel options and go to the Programs then Click on the link “Uninstall a program”

Step 2: Go Now Programs and features. Navigation ; ControlPanel/Programs/Programs and features.

Find the BlueStacks Application, Right Click On it. It will show a popup message that “Are you sure want to uninstall BlueStacks App Player?”

Click Yes and Proceed. The Application Deleted but the remaining application was in our own PC so, we need to delete all of them.

And the Next Application You have to delete from Control Panel is Bluestacks Notification Centre.

Select Bluestacks Notification center application form and Click the Uninstall Button. The Pop-Up Window shows that your all major files and applications are deleting do you want to continue. Yes. Then Click on the Yes Button and Proceed Further.

Now Let’s Go to Task Manager. Find out the Bluestacks Task and Click the End Button and Stop it.


Clean All the Data From C Drive

Now BlueStacks Installed Application Deleted.  But the remaining data in the system folder will be deleted manually.

Find Bluestacks folder and delete completely in the Programme Data.

You will see Two Folders in Programme DATA File,

BlueStacks Folder and

BlueStacks Setup Folder. DELETE both of them.


Go to Profiles,

Find the Bluestacks folder and Delete it.

Remove All the Data

Delete from local files

Go to the Local Disk C and Then Program Data. In some cases, these file folders will be hidden so unhide the folders. Now go to the BlueStack Folder and Find the Related Files and Delete all the files.

Delete from Temporary files

Do the task now Run the RUN COMMAND. To run this, Click on the Windows Button and “R” Key to open, In the search box type %temp% Command and One folder will open with all the temporary files. Delete all those files.

Delete from Registry files

This is the final step to remove all the data. This will remove all the registry files from registry editor. To do this task go running and Type the Command Regedit. And Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks. Select all the files related and delete all.

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Final Words

PS: If you are still facing any problem even after performing all these steps listed above, then feel free to comment below, We will definitely reply with the best answer. Share with your friends.