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How to Make Blurry Picture Clear Easily

Blurry Images look poor to upload in Social Media or other ways to use it. It might happen that you don’t have a second chance to retake a picture in your camera. So, the last is to edit option is left for it. In this Case, Some Applications, Softwares and Online Tools help to unblur photos. In this post, I will reveal all the details about how to unblur a picture Online or Offline.

How to UnBlur a Picture Online

In the Online World many tools and software’s help to unblur picture of your own with an easy manner. The some definitely use application are;

1. FOTOR []

Fotor is an Online Tool that allows you to edit images for free. This tool has edit option for blurred images go and now check this out. Fotor tool deblurs your all photos. This website has a very interactive and It is elegantly designed. Find all the editing tools are managed at the left sidebar.

How to Use It:

Now go to the Official Website (Direct Link)

Then The Editor Option will Open.


photo blur


TRY the Blur Option and Upload your own image and remove blurry and shaky effects.

Also, there are more options to create images more attractive now you can create collages, designs. Then Upload these images to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media websites. This is free to use. For more pro options upgrade to premium feature.



Photo Sharpen is a simple online tool for sharp images. It Just Sharpens your photos what you upload. It doesn’t have much more photo editing features and filtering options.

How to Do It:

1. Upload a picture of your choice then hit the SHARPEN Button.
2. The Sofware Sharps your image and give you a better image.
3. Click the Download Button and Download the image.

How to UnBlur a Picture Offline

UnBlur Pictures Using Android Applications

1. Fix Photo Blur

Download It from Google Playstore

Install in your android mobile.

Upload your blurred images and remove the blur effect.

Clear shaky photos within seconds.


UnBlur Images with the Help of Softwares

1. BLURITY []: Blurity is the simple software that repairs your blurry images online. Blurity removes motion and focuses blurs, such as when your camera moves while taking pictures or when the autofocus misbehaves.

How to use it (Step by Step)

#1. Primary Step; Download the Software; The Sofware Size is 60.20MB

#2. Install the Software on your computer.

#3. Follow their Introduction Tutorials.

#4. Upload your own image and Clear blur. Have Fun with it.

#5. See the Best Results. Before and After.

how to unblur a picture



I hope this will help you then thanks 🙂