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How to Shutdown Another Computer from Your Computer

Shutdown Others Computer from Your PC

Today I will show you how to shutdown or restart someone computer using cmd. This trick is super simple to use. If you are running Internet cafe this trick will help you to manage customers of a cafe. Create Warning Message when the time is over.

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Steps to be followed.

1. First step is to open Command Prompt Direct from search bar by typing cmd.

2. Type CMD then hit the Enter Button. The Command Prompt will open right click on that and Run as Administrator.

3. Write “netstat” to get IP Address of the users or the victim you want to shut down their computer.

ip address

4. Next Type shutdown -i Then Press Enter.

5. Open Remote Shutdown Dialog box with settings of shutdown options.

6. Then Write Your Victim Computer Username or IP Address by pressing the Add Button.

7. Press Browse and Select Your other Computer Name to shut down.


8. You can warn the user by selecting the time for some seconds with warning comment.

9. Then Click the Ok or Apply button to take action of the shutdown of other computers.

10. Cancel any time by using “shutdown -a” command.

At last type exit. The CMD cancels all the programme.

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