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How to Setup Wake On LAN on Windows 10

Setup Wake-On-LAN On Windows 10

Wake-On-LAN is a type of computer networking that enables you to power on a computer from anywhere by remotely. Wake it up when the device sleep mode via a network message.

How does this work?

The process of Wake ON LAN is activated throw sending a message to the target computer. The programme needs the same local area network. The sender and receiver devices must be connected to the same network.

Major Requirements

Below requirements are very important to enable wake on LAN service.

1. Should have the ethernet connection feature.
2. There must be a peer to peer network for the computers.
3. The testing computer must be hibernation or sleep mode.
4. Enable the Wake on LAN on Bios Settings and enable the Wake on LAN on windows 10.


Enable Wake ON LAN on your BIOS Settings

Follow the below steps to enable Wake on LAN on BIOS Settings

1. Power Off The Computer

To Perform the BIOS Settings, the initial steps are to turn off your computer so, go to the start menu and select the shutdown options and turn off your computer.

2. Open the BIOS Screen

The BIOS of the computer varies model to model. Press the correct recommended buttons to display BIOS settings. Some systems work on F2 Button and various Function button find you are and perform. We configure all the settings on this screen.

wake on lan

3. Enable Wake On LAN

After the open the BIOS setup menu chooses the configure settings and select The Advanced then Wake ON Magic Packet.

Enable the if the Value is Disabled. This will turn on your Wake On LAN on your computer’s BIOS.

Now You will be able to perform on Windows.

Enable Wake On LAN on windows 10

Follow the below steps to perform Wake On LAN

1. Press the Windows Key + X or press the right button of the mouse on windows icon to display the Device Manager and additional setup options. Now Select the device manager menu and click on it.

2. Expand the Network Adaptors

In the Device Manager From the variety of options choose the Network Adapters menu then double click on the network adapters to expand it to get network properties.

network adaptors

3. Select Properties

Choose the Network adapter which is the subsequent network of yours and right click on the Network Connection Properties.

4. Power Management

In the Network Connection Properties dialog box click on the power management tab. In the drop-down menu check the three boxes that will help to choose what to do in the next process so, check all of them now.

5. Setup From the Advanced Options

In the initial steps, we have performed the advanced tab previously. This will display setup options, The value of Wake On Magic Packet will be enabled.



Following all the above options you will perform the better results to Wake On Lan On your windows 10 computer.