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How To Root Bluestacks Of Any Version

Root Bluestacks of Any Version in Easy Steps

In this post, you will learn how to root bluestacks version easily.

Bluestacks is an Android Emulator for Personal Computer. Means where you can access almost every application which you are using in your Android smartphone. You can play games with the high definition of bluestacks app game player and use any type of app that you want.

You Know that Rooting your mobile can access more options and many paid applications. Similarly, we can access all these services from bluestacks. I will show you step by step process how to root bluestack correctly.

Know the Benefits of Rooting and How to root your mobile.

If you are trying many tricks online for rooting bluestacks but this is the definite article, provide you with all processes with covering up each and everything in detail. If you are already downloaded bluestacks from their official site. I recommend using their new and updated app for the quick result. Bluestacks is a popular Android Emulator for PC and Mac. You can Install and run Android applications. Visit the Bluestacks website and Download the Bluestaks Now, Once the file of Bluestacks Download open the file and Install it.

If you don’t have Download Bluestacks Now! from the official site.

So, Let’s Start.

Learn How to Root Bluestacks

Today In this tutorial I am presenting a great tool that Blue Stacks Easy Tool Kit for rooting Your Bluestacks Versions. You can root any version of the blue stack using this great tool.

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What are some key features of Blue Stacks Easy Tool Includes?

1. Increasing RAM (This tool Increase the RAM of current bluestacks)

2. Storage Data (The tool has great value to store app data space which will help you to make it work smoothly and efficiently. And You can root bluestacks without losing your data)

3. Theme Trebuchet (This is an awesome theme which will make the user interface more friendly)

4. You can Easily Root Bluestacks in minutes.

5. Customize Bluestacks in your way

6. MOD Bluestacks

7. Backup Your Data and all the files and applications.

8. Use bluestacks easy Patch for Xposed Installer.

9. Create Manual Scripts for bluestacks easily.

10. Do Much more like your smartphone and more.


Follow Below Steps to root bluestacks.

Before Proceeding Check whether bluestacks is rooted or not. To check Download the ROOT CHECK application from play store.

Install ROOT CHECK and check the Android version of the mobile in the bluestacks is rooted or not.


root check bluestacks


See the Above image then you can understand how to check your bluestacks is rooted or not. If You Observed the blue stacks is not rooted. In the above image the bluestacks is not rooted, go and read this tutorial at end of this article, I will show you exact steps with proofs for rooting bluestacks or you can check with root checker.

If the bluestacks not rooted follow below steps to how to root bluestacks

1. First Download the Bluestacks Easy Tool to root blue stacks.

To download this folder you must need Gmail account. Click above link. You will go to New window page. Then you will see all the folders of BlueStacksEasy.exe file and then click on the above top corner of the download button and download it.

2. Open the Zip File and Search for the folder BS Easy Tool.

3. Select and Install the BS Easy Tool on your computer.

Before installing this tool you need to backup your files, Select the second option Backup Data, SD Card, Registry.

Files Stored in Computer.

Restore it later when files deleted.


After Completing the backup files, Then Click the RUN Button for further steps to rooting blue stacks.

The Blue Stacks Easy Tool check your computer compatibility. It Automatically Works on rooting.

After the Process is Done.

Go to the Second Tab and Click on RootEZ Option. You will see rooting options there see below image for better understanding.


1. First Select the file of Root.fs

Browse Location Manually: This folder is under this address. C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\Android\Root.fs


You can Select Automatically by Clicking the Button. (AutoDetect from Installed Bluestacks)


2. Select the Version

Select the second option KitKat Version. (Recommended)

3. Process

Select the first option of Rooting.

4. Method

This is the method of rooting you choose. I recommend choosing Second or Third Method for better results for successful rooting.

5. Optional Selection

These are the optional features for you. If you want to skip these settings no problem. Want to customize with these things see below options.


Change System Size

This is the Option to Increase or Decreasing Bluestacks System Size.

Make Sure to Set Proper Value to Changing System Size.

The Larger Size you select, The Longer Time it will take for Rooting

Change System Size which size you want the change from 2000 MB to 5000 MB.

Select This Google Apps for Insert Google Apps into system

Important: Make Sure that your system ROM Size is Enough to Store Gapps.

UN-squashed System

Check this option box for Bluestacks Unsquashed System Versions.

Use Patched File

Use Patched File to Enable Use Modified Bluestacks

Copy Your Patched Files to “\input\Patch” folder.

After selecting your preferred options then select RUN. The rooting program will work, Hold tight wait for completion of this step.

Some Steps to Customize

Now, You are Done. Go and change settings in your way. OK, I will show the advantages of rooting your blue stack, and how to do it.

Root Check Proof

See the Below Image, This Image will tell you that blue stacks are rooted.


root bluestacks

Learn How to root Blue Stacks 2 with King Root

Here you will learn how to root blue stacks with king root.King Root is an another app for rooting devices. Most of the smartphone users use this service to root their mobile phones. This is so popular and has many advantages.

Below I have Created Step by step tutorial on how to root blue stacks with king root.

1. Your First Step is to download Kingtoot App from the Play store app. Or Below I have provided a Downloadable Link. Just Click and Download It. It will Installed Shortly.

2. Now Open and Run the App and Make Basic Settings.

3. This part will be simple for rooting. Just Click on the Root to begin rooting Blustacks 2.

4. Wait Until It completes Rooting. After few seconds it will do rooting Process.

5. Reboot the Bluesatcks Now. Then the New Bluestacks will appear and New features will come up with the new interface.

6. Now Check the rooting process successfully done or not. Download the ROOT CHECKER and Check the root completely.

This is the process with methods you can root blue stacks with king root with any version of blue stacks. Let’s Enjoy the Rooting Benefits.



I Hope this tutorial will help you to root blue stacks account with an easy manner. If you have any doubts comment below I will help you to solve your problem with the better answer.


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