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How to Enable/Disable Shutdown Options Automatically

In this post you will learn how to enable or disable shutdown commands automatically. If you set options then the system will work smoothly. This will turn on shutdown option on a specific time for system on. This can works periodically on a daily basis in a given time.

For Example If you set the command to shutdown on 12.00 PM at night 🌃 and then the system System will automatically turn on at the specific time. And wakes up your system at the given time. (This will setup in the settings menu)

Benefits of using this feature (Enable/Disable shutdown options)

#1. Save Battery life on a specific period of time.

#2. Free away from annoying calls and Messages.

#3. This will help you to sleep better at the night time.

Steps to Enable Auto shutdown of Android:

Step #1. Open your Android Mobile and then go to settings.

Step #2. Now go down and select advanced settings.

Step #3. Under the advanced settings choose scheduled power On/Off.

Step #4. Now toggle both power on and power off button.

Step #5. This time for set the time:

Set time for power on option; Tap on the power button on and then set time for system power when the system want to power on.

Set time for power off option; Tap on the power off button and enable the feature. When you want to off your system select the specific time.

How to Disable Shutdown Options.

To Disable this Options simply follow the above steps and go on.

Go to settings and then go to advanced settings then scheduled power On/Off.

On this page, Off the Power On/Off buttons and disable this feature.


Now all you set and Done the commands. This feature will work to enable or disable shutdown options on a scheduled time as you given.