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How To Hide WiFi Network On Router Easily

How to Hide My WiFi Network

Hide WiFi Network is a very Important thing in this technology world. Hackers are Everywhere Our Weak Settings of Router may lose for preventing access to others. So, we need to set our WiFi Network Securely. Here we discuss How to hide wifi password. This setting may benefit from losing our Packet Loss and Losing of Speed of the Broadband Network.

Why Hide Your Wi-Fi Network?

Hiding your wifi network, you will lot of benefits which including:

1. Prevent Neighbors and Other from Leeching off of your Internet Connection

2. Prevent Losing of Packet Loss.

3. Enjoy the Highspeed Network without losing.

4. Get full benefits of your worth money.

5. Stay Away from Hackers.


How to Hide WiFi Network TP-LINK

Below are the steps to Hide WiFi Network. Hiding Network is nothing, but Without showing the SSID Name Actually, this is the name of your wifi router. Also, Read What is SSID in Detail?

Step By Step Process:

1. First Login into your TP-Link Router By Submitting the Following URL OR


2. After Logging into your TP-link Account. Click on the Wireless Settings Optin under Wireless Tab.

Below Image, we have explained where to click and Set It.

See the Below Settings Uncheck the Box Enable SSID Broadcast. This setting Hide Your WiFi Network Identity.

hide wifi


In this Way, you can Hide Name of the SSID of any router. This may help to hide network name for accessing it.


Final Words

Many routers have the different type of settings so find out where to hide SSID Name then Disable that Option Your will not be visible to anyone. If you want to use WiFi of that Network Just go to your wifi settings and add Wifi Network with your username and password (This is unique nobody knows except you).

Bonus Tip:

This Not Complete the Secure Process to Secure your Router because Some Software Find Hidden Network. SSID Secure have some limitations So, We Need to Setup Secure Router Read the Tip and Tricks on TrickG.