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Top Secret whatsapp tricks you Didn’t Know

Top Secret WhatsApp Tricks

WhatsApp tricks Modified, Whatsapp had changed the way of messaging. Today the WhatsApp has gone viral in social media every Android Mobile, and ios mobile has WhatsApp Service even many of them are used in desktop also. It is so popular, and they have improved many advanced things. In this post I will tell you some basic and advanced tips about whatsapp that you probably don’t know about, some might be familiar to you.

This whatsapp is some different, Learn new advanced cool whatsapp tricks and tips. Let’s start now.


Basic Tricks to Setup Your Account

Hide the Blue Mark Ticks

This is the best thing to hide your activities. The blue marks show them the person read the message or not. If you disable this, they are not able to find out you have seen read receipts for messaging partner. This feature will tell them that why they are not replying answer.

To do this on Android. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts

UNCHECK The Read Receipts now you are done. 🙂

Download the latest WhatsApp APK from the official website.

Another Method to this Trick:  

  1. First turn on the flight mode of your mobile phone.
  2. Go to WhatsApp Messenger and Read the messages.
  3. Then, Go to Settings and Turn off the flight mode.
  4. The Blue sticks will not appear in the sender’s mobile.

Therefore the Opposite Reader Didn’t know about the message you are read or not. Now Read Whatsapp Messages Without The Sender Finding It Out

Hide The Profile Picture

This is the simple method to hide your profile picture for any person or you can hide a specific person without blocking him in whatsapp messenger.

All you need to do is to customize your settings in a privacy section. Now to go to Settings and follow my Instructions.

1. Go to Settings, This will find in the right section of the three dotted lines.

2. Select Account Section Menu.

3. From Account Section, You will find a Privacy Tab.

4. Under Privacy Menu Find a Profile Photo Section, Just click on it, a pop-up window appears, Change this setting in Only for my contacts.

5. Now go to Your Contact List and Delete a contact whom you don’t want to show the profile picture.

6. WhatsApp Messenger Automatically creates an additional contact itself. The Contact of a Person remains same in whatsapp contact list.

7. So, Now you can send or share messages and media’s for with that person, but you can’t be able to show him a profile picture.

That’s it, you are done..!

Observe the Below Image for Better Understanding.

whatsapp tricks


Note: This can also be used to hide your status and last seen from a particular person in a similar manner.



WhatsApp Tricks to Send Messages

This section will describe how to send better messages with some tricks of whatsapp, that will make like PRO Star.

Send Different Types of Formats in WhatsApp

What’s has improved and now allows to change text into various formats for your messages. You can italicize, bold or strike-through (cross out) selected text.

  • Italicizing WhatsApp messages

To Italicize your message, you need to place underscore on both sides of the text, It will change your message into Italics.

Ex: _text_

  • Bolding WhatsApp Messages

    To do this place a star mark (*) (asterisk) both sides of the text. WhatsApp will change text into BOLD Like this:

Ex: *text*

Strikethrough WhatsApp messages

To Strikethrough whatsapp message, place a tilde symbol on both sides of the text what you typed, this will cut your text in the middle within the line. Like this,

Ex: ~text~


Type Without Typing Letters

You Don’t need to type whatsapp message; It will do automatically.


  1. Find a Mic Icon On Message box, tap on that icon.
  2. Just Click on that Mic Icon and Speak your message, It will automatically type your message.
  3. This feature is the simple method to type your whatsapp message without typing a letter.


Some Other PRO WhatsApp Tricks

In this section I will talk about another bonus information on whatsapp tricks, they boost your knowledge on whatsapp messenger.

Use WhatsApp without Any Mobile Number

How to use whats app without any phone number? I will go this question basis.

Do you know that you can use whats app without any mobile number? Yes, you can do it just follow my instructions to do this.

1. First of all, you need to uninstall whatsapp mobile app from your smartphone.

2. Now again download whatsapp