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Hammer VPN APK AntiDPI APK Download Premium App free.

This Post is Dedicated to Free Internet Lovers. Read and Enjoy the Benefits.

Hammer VPN free Internet Tricks

First of all, I will explain you about Hammer VPN and How it can be used.

Hammer VPN is a free proxy android app. This is actually free for everyone and you can get benefits of free internet access. This trick is especially for airtel users. Personally, I use this technique on my android mobile phone. Sometimes it will work with others networks also like Idea, Vodafone.

Try it and check it out. If you want my help how to set it up. Comment Below I will do That for my readers.

It will work 100% with Airtel. You can use 3G and 4G Networks. You don’t need to root device.


What is VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network this allows you to connect securely to the internet. The VPN acts as a medium between your Device and Your Internet Service Provider. In this VPN you can browse any proxy IP Address in the world.

It considered as for example. Now you are browsing from India and using VPN of another country. We take an example of United States of America. The Site owner may see accessed from USA servers. According to VPN you have Accessed this website from United States Of America


What is the Use of VPN

1. You can Hide IP Address

2. Now you can access region-restricted Websites.

3. VPN can be used in any place (Like Home, Colleges, and Schools)

4. This is Help to Access any Network and Hiding your Proxy Details.

5. Download Anything From any website. Free to access download files and store your host device.


How to setup Hammer VPN

I will Explain you step by step process how to setup hammer VPN and how to use it.

First, you need to Download the Hammer VPN APK. (Direct Download Link)


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Basic Requirements for Using Hammer VPN

1. First of all, Activate any Small Data Pack worth 3G or 2G. Such as small amount of recharges like the Twitter pack or Facebook pack.

2. I warning you to Do not download Hammer VPN from Google Chrome Because when it updated not working properly. I have reserved Best Hammer VPN APK file Download it and Enjoy free Internet.

3. Register in their profile section.

4. Then Select Free Server and use Unlimited Internet.

5. There are Plenty of free servers choose anyone of them and use it.

6. Keep your mobile balance less than 30 paise.


Detailed  Explanation: Setting Hammer VPN APK


Hammer VPN Advance Setting

1. Select a free Server (Choose a server from 10 above Because from One to ten servers are less chances login to get internet access)

2. Enter the L-port – 9201 & R-port -9201 (verified in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharastra, Kerala, with no Balance).

3. Then Select the option UDP Protocol (UDP: User Datagram Protocol)

hammer vpn


4. After that Click Connect.

5. Now You can get access to the Internet you have connected from that selected server.


hammer vpn apk

If the above ports are not working with you, try remaining ports respectively.

This surely works most people are getting connected with 9201 ports and enjoying their Internet. Now Set all these details properly with following details on hammer VPN and get unlimited 3G and 4G internet on Airtel SIM.