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Google Closing These Services

Google Turning down the URL Shortener Service

It is officially announced that Google shortener service is no longer available. Using this service you can short any long URL with free of cost, But it is a bad news for who loves google shortener tool. See the Below image for their official announcement.

What Keeps

  1. It keeps old data of shortened URL’s
  2. Download the analytics data in a CSV file for only one year.
  3. Previously created links will be redirected as usual for a given period of time.
  4. Existing users will use these services for their created shortened links up to 30 March 2019.

Google URL Shorten service turning down on March 30, 2018. So, all of the service related support will not be given by the Google.

How to survive without it.

There are plenty of services in the online to use shortened URL for free without any extra charges. Read our blog post to know more about shortening URL services.

The URL shortener service will provide to create simple and short URL for the long address of the web. Long URL’s are very ugly and every human being can’t remember those links. Some of the services will provide with the custom URL service with a unique name as a short link.

Final Words

In the online world, there are plenty of services. This is a big ocean you will find anything that you want for your need. There is no worry about gone services there are better services than this use them wisely.

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