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How To Get Android Notification On PC

It is necessary to get notified with the important messages that you don’t want to miss. We brought some tips for you to get notified with important messages of Android Notification on PC. Read the suitable trick for the need and apply them. Below are the simple tips that will allow you to get more benefits that you can choose the important message to come in your inbox. Avoid the Annoying and Anonymous notifications quickly with the feature. Know more about How to Unsubscribe all the unknown Subscription at once.


Website Address:

It is the best way to get the android notification on your personal computer. Pushbullet is the definite solution to connect your devices with the personal computer to sync notifications. It supports Android and iOS devices and It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Windows Browsers.

Signup with google or facebook. I would recommend to signup with Google to get more connected in a secure way. The account is easily accessed to many platforms.

With the Pushbullet feature, you can see your android mobile notifications in your Personal Computer and Handle the messages read and write with them. In more, you can also transfer pictures, Music files, Links and Any Doc files. It is the relation bonding between android mobiles and computer.

For Windows 10 users

The windows 10 is enabled to use Cortana service in their desktop PCs. If the service is not installed on your computer then go to the Microsoft Corporation website or application store and download the Cortana Application or Service.

And same download the Cortana application in the Android mobile phone from which you want to get notifications. From the Android device Download the Cortana from the Google play store.

Install the Cortana application and open, It ask to allow permissions then give permissions to run on your Android mobile device.  Tap on to the agree button and allow to access messages of your enabled mobile applications.

Now Enter the email address of your account that is same is on the Microsoft account in your PC. It will connect easily via their network.

On the mobile side tap the menu icon that will show the top left corner and go to the settings tab then tap on it. Then tap Sync notifications (It will allow you to see your phone notifications on your pc). Then go to the Notification Permission Center this will allow you to access and sync to your mobile. Tap on to the button to Allow Cortana to access your phone’s notifications. Tap the switch on next to Cortana and alow Ok per permissions.

Now turn on the switches for apps whose notifications you want to send to your Personal Computer. Click on the settings icon on to the Cortana PC then turn on send notifications between devices. Then Click Next and It will complete the process. It is the best way to receive push notifications from your Android on your Windows 10 PC.


The relation between mobile and PC is now connected strongly with these above steps. I hope this article will solve your problem to get notifications from Android mobile to PC. If you are facing any problems comment below.

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