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GBWhatsApp Download Latest Version 5.90 For Android 2017

Download GB Whats App Latest Versions of Android

GBWhatsapp is an additional benefit for WhatsApp lovers. It has more features than regular WhatsApp Application.

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Many People among us use dual sim smart mobiles so, they want to use dual WhatsApp account in one mobile. To do this there are some methods Explained detail in the post of dual WhatsApp go and find the solution for this question. We glad to inform you. Click the above link to read more details. After Reading you will able to use two WhatsApp or other applications in one device. It works with any mobile rooted or without rooted.

Here we used the term called GB WhatsApp so this feature of application also run with rooted mobiles and not rooted mobile devices. In this Article, we explained New Additional features of it and Provided the Simple Downloadable link.

Download Latest Version


Specifications of GBWhatsApp Application

Software NameGB Whats App
Version Info5.70
App Size34.56
RequirementAdvanced feature of GB Whats App
Developer InfoGB Mods
Downloadable Link

Main Features of GBWhatsApp

The GB WhatsApp is for better than WhatsApp plus or Regular WhatsApp Application. The GB WhatsApp is the stability application that updates fast when the update is available. As compared to the normal WhatsApp this has the fast action for updating the new version of WhatsApp application. After Changing the normal whats app to GB WhatsApp you will find out the changing the program Icon and Notifications and Many more features like Alter Ticks model in dialog display screen and much more.

Difference between regular WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp

There are many options to choose. Below Some of the Features are arranged in a table to simply understand the features of GB WhatsApp.

S.No.GB WhatsAppRegular WhatsApp
1It will hide the possibility of appearing privacy options.Not Available
2We can view the media without loading or downloading.Not Available
3It Supports many languages.Not Available
4Possibility to alter incoming callsNot Available
5Possibility to alter bubbles type in daily display screeenNot Available
6Ability to Copy caseNot Available
7Counter statistics for groupsNot Available
8The Possibility to hide the name and the date when it is important to change.Not Available
9The Possibility of changing the program icon and notificationsNot Available
10Possibility to alter missed calls icon in calls display screenNot Available
11Choice to vary standing bar color for primary dialog display just for lollipop customersNot Available
12Possibility to vary navigation bar coloration for predominant dialog display screen for lollipop CustomersNot Available
13Option to vary menu again button in dialog display headerNot Available
14Choice to vary menu button in primary display headerNot Available
15choice to alter to change shade of "GBWhatsApp" Phrase in important display screen headerNot Available
16Choice to alter shade of faucet indicator in fundamental display screen headerNot Available
17Choice to alter shade of typing in essential display screenNot Available
18Choice to alter shade of online phrase in dialog display headerNot Available
19Possibility to alter incoming calls icon in calls displayNot Available
20Change whats app as your way change themes colors font style and much moreNot Available

Learn How to Install GB WhatsApp on your Android Phone

(step by step)

Below you will find step by step process with no steps skipped.

First Step: – Downloading APK File Download the apk file of GB WhatsApp We have provided the link. From Below you can download the latest version of Gb WhatsApp. Just click on the link it will be taken into download page automatically.

Step 2: – Installing File After Downloading the APK file then install it. Before installing keep sure to enable the setting INSTALL FROM UNAUTHORIZED because the system didn’t allow you to install from other sources except google play store so, Enable this option to the successful installation. To enable this option go to setting and activate the button install from unauthorized. Sometimes phone system asks you to allow or cancel option when installing file then click allow the option to install the application.

Step 3: – Verification Process Now Verify your mobile number. If you already verified your mobile number then it will start initializing your application and it will take some time to do the process to completely install the application. After verification process completed then click on the open button when the new screen is opened it will be asked to restore. If you want to restore you have previously installed the app and it has important files then tap on the restore button. If any backup file found then click on the restore it will automatically be done the process then click on agree and continue and now proceed to next step.

Step 4: – Observe New Settings You will find new settings option on WhatsApp application under the right drop-down menu you can find GB Settings it means the GB WhatsApp has installed on your mobile and you can enjoy all the advanced features of this application. You will find many settings such as..,

GB Settings


Clear Call Log

Change Settings Chat

Popup Notifications


Media Setting

Other Mods

Lock and Many More Settings.

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Why Download GB WhatsApp?

GBWHATSAPP has many more features than regular WhatsApp so I prefer to use GB Whatsapp over normal WhatsApp. New Whatsapp feature makes for the difference from regular WhatsApp and it is more flexible and better. In this post, I have listed All of the better versions of GB Whatsapp. Here you will find the latest version of applications frequently. Some of the versions I have lids tested below because the latest version of application replaces the old version of settings and some features. It is hard to find all the old versions of WhatsApp so, I have listed every old version to New versions for you to better use.

TIP: Now you can use three WhatsApp account in one device. On the same device, we installed GBWhatsApp version 5.6 and Version 5.70. They worked normally without any problem with regular WhatsApp. We generally used the normal version of WhatsApp that can be download from google play store. Know How to Use Three WhatsApp account in one device.

Below Following Some Reasons Mentioned Why to use GB WhatsApp

Here are the reasons influenced me to download new WhatsApp of GB.

1. Using GBWHATSAPP we can play a video file without downloading it.

2. We can send 99 images at a time but in normal WhatsApp, it limited to 16 images only.

3. Can change beautiful themes, font styles, background styles and much more.

4. A download can be done from other friends posts whether it an image or video file.

5. WhatsApp icon available in 8+ colors we can change app icon on the basis of our interest.

6. It shows you always outline (you must connect to the internet). When you go background also it will show you are on online.

7. You can get a notification when an interested person or friend comes online. It might be set as per your interest.

8. GB Whatsapp available in many languages.

9. We can show or hide online status or can send and receive messages even though your last seen as of 5 days of the back.

10. In this setting, we can stop showing blue mark ticks of seen (One, Two, Three Ticks). IMPORTANT: If you stop two ticks there may be a delay in receiving messages because Whatsapp uses end to end encryption then for it may take some time to receive the information.

11. This is an awesome feature that GB Whatsapp has log files with this help we can able to check the history such as who is on online, who changed their profile picture, status and Much more…

12. GB Whatsapp is secured. It has an inbuilt lock to protect your privacy.

We have mentioned some of the good features use GB Whatsapp download and enjoy many more features of WhatsApp. We keep updating this post when a new version is available. Below we listed some of the old to latest Version of GB Whatsapp so, download and Enjoy the new features.

How to Upload Whatsapp to Latest GB WhatsApp

Now you are familiar with GBWHATSAPP Every time they improving application with latest settings so, you can download GB Whatsapp latest APK’s from our website by visiting GB WhatsApp Downloading Page.

Just like the normal Application of WhatsApp GB Whatsapp releases the new updates frequently which new service improved. We Provide you latest APK details on our website when it releases a new version.

How to Download Latest APK

Steps: –

  1. First Book Mark this page because we always keep update to latest version of Whatsapp so, don’t miss.
  2. Another option is that go to GB WhatsApp download page.
  3. On the download page, you can download GB Whatsapp directly without any ads.

We keep updating this page and Download page when latest APK is available. This is the best choice to download GB Whatsapp because the application is not available on the play store application.

Available GB WhatsApp Downloadable Versions: –

Download Latest Version of GB Whats 5.90 Download Link

GB Whatsapp 5.90 Latest Version

Download Latest Version GB WhatsApp 5.80 Download Link

GB WA 5.80 Latest Version Download

Download GB WhatsApp 5.70 Latest Version (Direct Link)

GB WhatsApp 5.70 Latest Version Now

Download GB WhatsApp 5.40 Old Version (Direct Download Link)

GB WhatsApp 5.40 Old Version Now!

Download GBWhatsApp 5.30 Old Version (Direct Download Link)

GB WhatsApp 5.30 Version Now!

Download GB WhatsApp 5.20 Old Version (Direct Download Link)

GB WhatsApp 5.20 Version Now!

Download GB WhatsApp 5.10 Old Version (Direct Direct Link)

WhatsApp 5.10 Version Now!

Download GBWhatsApp 5.15 Old Version (Direct Down link)

GB WhatsApp 5.15 Latest Version Now

Download GB WhatsApp 5.O Old Version (Direct Direct Link)

WhatsApp 5.0 Version Download Now!

Download GB WhatsApp 4.81 Old Version (Direct Download Link)

GB WhatsApp 4.81 Version Download Now

Other Versions: –

Whatsapp Versions that notify when your friend is online download Now.

Download GB WhatsApp 5.60 Old Version (Direct Download Link)

GB WhatsApp 5.60 Version Download Now

Download GB WhatsApp 5.70 Latest Version (Direct Link)

GB WhatsApp 5.70 Version Download Now

Here we provided all the Download Links they are all from our secure site (SSL Certified) so, you don’t need to worry about Trojans and Viruses.

Final Words: –

Now you are familiar with GBWHATSPP this app is more useful as compared to normal WhatsApp. Personally, I use this application it is very easy to use and it has more features and the account never blocked. It works with most advanced features. I hope this article helps you to give some informative knowledge. Stay tuned to for more updates and latest news. If you have any questions related to this topic comment below. We will try to help you with the better answer.