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How To Make Free Calls Online Without Registration

Make Free Calls Online Without Registration

Do you Wondering,  How to call Any Mobile for free online or without any mobile phone?

Have Ever Tried this in the past but this post is different. In this short post, I will be sharing with you All the Best free calling sites online for free and you don’t need any registration with them.

Benefits you Get

Without Any Registration can all your friends and family for free.

No Account Required.No Personal Information Required and You Don’t Need to Invest Money There.

No Personal Information Required.

And You Don’t Need to Invest Money There.

Call Anywhere In the World to anyone.


What are these Calls

These are Promotional Calls or Test Calls. You can call direct and instantly with anyone. This type of technology is called VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). These are some limitations you can’t make unlimited free calls. But you can make calls for a couple of minutes. They Provide Only One or two calls per day per one IP Address.



Make Free Calls Online Without Registration for Free

I have Provided 4 Websites to call free on the Internet.



The No. 1 and I Most Liked Software are I Eva Phone. The Website address is This website allows you to make calls for 3 minutes (means 180 seconds). You can contact any person in the world and any country Internationally. You may Contact any person instantly without any registration through their website or with the help of the mobile app.



Call 2 Friends website is similar to I Eva Phone. This website Looks better than above website and another difference between these two sites are Call 2 Friends has there are two options for choose, One is Free and another is Paid. You can use both as per your requirement. For Free, Members can call only one or 2 calls per day. But Paid members can go more features. Access Call2Friends Now! and Make Funny Calls.

free calls online without registration



This website is not such popular as above websites because it has its own problems. This is not good working as above sites because it does not work a lot of time. But still, you can try for making some free calls online without registration. This website allows you to make the free call for 2 minutes or 120 Seconds. Also, you must have correctly Installed Some Basic Softwares. I have Listed some of them below the article, you can download from that source.

Access the GLOB FONE Now. Select County of yours and make calls.



Pop Tox is a free calling website online. Open now and Visit by Clicking Here. Then You will see the mobile screen Select the country and then enter the number of your friend. Similarly, call anyone with this same process. This site has a lot of problems so, I put this site in the last of the list.

This site is Allows you to make calls for only one minute.


Some Basic Requirement Needed to Run these Services Easily:

  1. Need JAVA for the run this software smoothly. If not installed go and Download Now.
  2. Download Another Software Adobe Flash Player for smooth streaming
  3. Disable All type of AD BLOCKERS If you using any with chrome browser or with the desktop.

Warning to use these service:

  1. Don’t Use for any Harmful Purpose.
  2. Don’t Fool Anyone their Heart will Break.
  3. Use for Good Purpose.

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Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this article, and this list is very useful to you to make free calls internationally free calls online without registration. Some Members make the call to fool or prank their friends. I seriously advise you to don’t do these type of activities.
These sites are unlike using these type of software’s 🙂 🙂 🙂 because has lots of limitations but you can make lots of fun with them. Let’s try it and share with your friends.