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How to Find Lost Android Phones

Simple Trick To Find Lost Your Phone

Find Lost Android Phone: Many Friends of us forgot their phone where they kept or somebody stole costly mobile phones. So, Here you will learn how to find stolen or forgotten the Mobile phone. Some times the ringtone of the phone also doesn’t work this small feature will find your phone Location and Track the phone area.

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This feature is available for Gmail users from google.

Some of the Applications will do this job to find mobiles such as Lost Android and Find My Phone

But this trick will work without any third party software installation and activation. You can find mobile device with an easy manner with only Gmail account and with the Android manager.



Initial Steps is that You need ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER such as Google Play Store. I think every person has this application in their mobile phones if not so just download and install it where you are using Instead 9Apps or some other apps. Google Play store is secure and finds your device when it was stolen.

Most of the fellows don’t download these third party applications for security purpose so, Google Play Store is the perfect place for downloading secured applications. Here you will find a lot of options to more customizable account with security options. There is no such app is like this so, I trusted and millions of people like me.

To Download the Playstore app Click Below link and Access it. And Signup with your Google Account.

Download Google Play Store

Change Settings in Android Device Manager

First, you need to activate your android device manager to access your location on the mobile device so you need to do is..!

  1. Go to Google App Store and Sign in with your account. (Gmail Account)
  2. Then Click on the Settings Icon or Gear Icon on the Top right corner Area.
  3. Drop Down menu will appear then click on the Android Device Manager.

android phone

In the Next tab singing with your Google account then the app find your device location with the help of google maps. It will show you the distance also.

Requirements for locating device

  1. Signup with your same Google account. (That is on Mobile Phone)
  2. Sometimes it requires to On the GPS Location Option.
  3. And Sometimes need to On the GPRS settings or Mobil Data or WiFi

Amazing Benefits for Managing Android Device

Android Device Manager will give you to access some of the great features to manage your phone they are;

1. Ring Option: When your mobile is near to you Just Tap on the Ring Option It will Ring at full volume for five minutes even the mobile phone is in silent mode.

Important: This option will not work for switched off mobile.

2. Lock Option: This option is great to access your passwords and to changes instantly. Click on the LOCK Button and lock your device and change the new password.

3. Erase Option: This is the option will delete all the data from your device so, think before trying this option. All the mobile data like photos, videos, applications will be deleted from mobile. The Memory Card in the device will not be affected by this. If you erase all the data from this device next time the Android Device Manager also will not work. Use this option when highly protectable data is on your device until you try to find device locations and persons.