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Delete Multiple Account Subscriptions easy methods

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Easy Delete option for Website Accounts.

Whether you are frustrating with full of emails in your box, Do you want to escape from a barrage of annoying emails? This is the simple thing to delete one website account but multiple accounts on the website are so frustrating.

That’s why I have brought you JUST DELETE ME for to save your time. This is an online tool it includes all the collection of links.

Open Link you will see this page.

easy delete

In this page, you will Easy Delete the unwanted website accounts which you didn’t want.

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Use Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Extension has created by Mike Rogers to help short way of connecting this website and deleting process. You will see the minibar small dot, this will take you all the process for deleting.

To install it, simply proceed to the Chrome Web Store.

And one thing this is the most important, Read this Extension Dot Guide for Easy Delete.

You have to click on this dots for delete some dots shows their process for deletion.

The Green Dot website accounts actually not delete the simple website, you need to sign in and click on the delete my account button and re-enter your password then your account will be deleted completely.

The Yellow Dot website accounts need some little work to do then your account will delete, at last, you have to do the survey for complete delete process.

The Red Dot Website accounts need even more work and the company will contact to inform you the details about your account deletion to email, and you need to confirm first.

The Black Dot Website accounts they are impossibly easy to delete.


With this helpful just delete the website, you can delete annoying websites and their subscriptions easily. I hope this will help you to delete all subscriptions.

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