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How To Download GTA Vice City In Mobile Device Easy Steps

Easy Steps to Download GTA Vice city in Mobile

GTA Vice city is the famous game on the internet but it has more storage space compared to other games. In this article, you will learn how to download GTA Vice city game on the mobile device with easy steps.

More About GTA Vice City Game

GTA Vice City game is the most popular game on the Internet. So, here you want to download and play GTA game on your android device. Don’t worry I will show you how can you download this game and how can you handle such a huge amount of MB game.

download gta vice city

The GTA Android game can’t download directly from play store because the big size of file some download errors occur so, here we need to download Supported GTA Android Application. Then Download Game from that application.

You will face downloading problems while getting the data file of the game. Here you will find Best GBA games with high quality. The game OBB File has above 500MB. Many people face problems for downloading but from now need not to worry about it. I will show you the step by step process how to download and play with it.

What do you learn?

In this article, you will learn Downloading the APK files and OBB data files of the game.
How to play the game on your android mobile phone.

Steps to Download GTA Vice City Game

Below discussed steps must be followed to play this game without any inconvenience. Top 10 Websites to download PC Games for free.

#1. Download the APK file of the game

Where to download APK file of the game?. There are many options to download GTA Series files but they are actually not run better because they provide fake data so, the games not able to play on the android device. Here we have a solution to download the APK file. First, we need to download GTA APK file in order to download GTA Game. Below there is a link to download APK file of the Vice City Game.

Download the APK File GTA

#2. Download The GTA Game OBB FILE

After Downloading game file next downloads the GTA Main file. The GTA main file is OBB file we called it as Cache file also. In order to play the game correctly first download the APK file of the game. The link provided above, then come here to download the OBB file. The link is given below.

Download the OBB File of GTA

#3. Setup to Play Game on Andriod Device

Here we need to setup applications after Downloading GTA APK File and GTA OBB Main files. We will tell you all the details to set up.

Step1: First of all Install APK file of GTA But don’t open it now.

Note: Only Install the APK Don’t open it.

Step2: Now Open the ESFile Explorer. Don’t have the device just download it from this link and install it.

Step3: Go to the downloaded files of GTA Vice city and find out game files in it.

Step4: After Discover of those files. Find the OBB Files also.

Step5: Cut or Copy the Cache files (OBB Files) of the game.

Step6: Now go to the folder sd/android and then click the following file sd/android/obb.

Step7: Create a new folder with the same name we have given below exactly.


Step8: After that paste the main OBB file in that folder.

Step9: If the game files are not installed then install it and delete the APK Files.

Step10: Now Open the GTA Vice city gameplay and Enjoy.

Final Words:

You learned how to download GTA Vice city game on your android mobile device now share this post with your friends who like to play GTA game.


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