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How To Delete Multiple Photos On Facebook At Once

Guide for Deleting Multiple Photos At a Time

Here is the guide for how to delete multiple photos at once on a facebook album. There is no option for delete multiple Facebook photos at once so you need to delete one by one then Its quite bummer so we have one simple trick to solve this problem so, read this whole article at the end.

Facebook has so much popularity today every day millions of users will come and visit for the chat, Uploading Photos, Videos and Much more. There is a number one platform for social media to spread all the information in minutes. So, we go into topic facebook doesn’t have multiple deletions of photos. In this article we will solve the problem in a quite simple manner without using any third party application so, read on at the End to reveal the secret on how to delete multiple photos at once.

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Steps for Deleting Multiple Photos


First login to Facebook Account Using your Username and Password.


Go to The section of Photos then Click on Albums on which album photos do you want to delete it.


On the photos tab, you will be able to see all of your uploaded photos.  Select one of the photos which you want to delete it. Then click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the area of the photo. You will see some of the options like Download, Make Profile Picture, Make Cover Photo, etc.., Now Just Click on the Move to other album option Click on it.

Creating New Album


After Selecting the drop down option of Move to the Other Album. This is the only way to move your photos into another album. The pop-up window will be opened and it will be asked whether to move the photo on an existing album or a new album. Then select the Create album setting from the Drop down menu options.


After selecting the option to create New album then another pop-up window will open then click the Move Photo Button.


A new page will load after selecting to create an album so now rename your album name. Try to Name “Delete Photo Album” so you can identify easily. You can choose the simple name of your choice that all depend on you. Make Sure to change privacy options to Only Me so, no one can view your albums expect you when changing it. After all, changes have done click on the Save Button.


Now you have created the new album with Titled Delete Photos Album So, Move all the photos which you do not want to be on facebook album page after all photos moved to the newly created Album by following above steps.


delete multiple photos

Now you have moved all the photos that you don’t want wish in the Facebook Album into the newly created album. Now It is the Deleting task After you have moved all the photos that you wish to delete then Go to that album and Click on the settings icon that is located at the top right corner of the area then choose the Delete option and Click it, You are Done.

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In this way, you can delete multiple photos at once. So, this is the solution for the problem we have created enjoy while doing all these stuff. If you have any doubts and suggestions tell me to know in the comment section.