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How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Delete Facebook Permanently Now!

However, You decided to delete Facebook account permanently. TRICKG tell the solution how you can go away profile Identity from the Facebook account by deleting it permanently. By Deleting Your Facebook account You never access your profile and photos whatever your data will not be reversed again.

Facebook is a great tool for a stay in touch with your friends and family easily. And It’s so popular Billions of People Using Daily. Are You Addicted to Facebook? Are You Annoying with lots of Notifications, Emails, Messages, Likes, Pokes, and Advertisements? Okay, Whatever Your Problem You need a solution We Here for that Read On How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently.

Note: After Deleting Your Account Don’t Open It for 14 Days. If you do this, the account renewed again. So, Be Patient and Never Open that account.

Note: You Can’t Do this process On Your Mobile Facebook App.

Steps to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Here We Explained Step By Step On Delete Facebook Account.

#1. First Go to Your Facebook Account and Login There which account do you want to delete.

#2. Then Click on the Link Here Delete Facebook Account

or copy the URL and Paste into the browser (

#3. See The Below Image. It Asking for Confirm Deletion option of facebook account so, then click on the Delete my account button.

delete facebook

#4. After Clicking the Delete my account button one pop-up window will open ups There Enter Your Password Details and Solve the Captcha. The Captcha Code is the jumble of letters and Its unable to read properly but you can find it and solve it. If You Unable to do the correct captcha then you can refresh it by clicking Try Another Text and try another one. Then Click Ok Button.

Okay, No problem You are another Security Check Option. Now Try the Audio CAPTCHA. It is simple and You can do it.

Then Click Ok Button.

how to delete facebook

#5. Now You are Done. Your Account will be deleted Permanently After 14 Days. If You Open Your Account in these 14 Days You request of deleting will be canceled. So, If you want to Delete Permanently Don’t Open your account in these 14 Days.

delete facebook permanently

After 14 Days Your Account will be Deleted Permanently and Your Data and Photos and Videos Erased from the Facebook account you can not get back then. Keep Your Important Photos and Videos or backup on any device.

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Final Words

This is the cool tutorial help you to delete facebook account permanently without any hassle. I hope this will help you. If any doubts rising in mind contact me or comment below, we will definitely answer you the best.