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Learn How To Delete A Sent Whatsapp Message After Read

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Steps to Delete Sent WhatsApp Message

Most of the People asked this question “How would I delete a sent message from WhatsApp?” (Whatsapp message). If you want to know the secret of how to delete chats from some others mobile. Below we have explained the solution for how to do it. Read Forward this post to know the secret.

However, WhatsApp is secure and End to End Encryption Application. The WhatsApp Application shows that even the application doesn’t have the authorization to delete or read sent messages. The WhatsApp now implementing the feature which allows deleting a message, Here you will get the benefit of recall the WhatsApp message from which device or which WhatsApp number you have sent.

whatsapp message

How to do it. Right Now!

This is the simple solution that you need to download GB WhatsApp Application to work this statement. Before you going to do it first download the GB WhatsApp from our website, then follow steps below.

  1. Download GBWhatsApp Now. From Our Website (The Latest Version).

You will be Redirect to A secure page of GBwhatsapp. Then Download the latest version of GB WhatsApp scanned with secure antivirus. Click the button below and download.

2. After Done the all the details of Installing and Verifying. Open the WhatsApp Messenger.

3. In the WhatsApp messenger, you will find the new way of interface and many other additional services icons of Reply, Message Infor, Delete, Copy, Forward.

4. Open the Message center and select the message.

4. As Usual, you will find three dots in the right corner of the area of WhatsApp then Click on it.

5. You will find an additional option of “Recall” then tap on it.

6. Select a message which you want to delete it and click the recall button, the message deleted after doing this action.

whatsapp recall

7. This is the way you can delete WhatsApp message from others account.


I hope the trick will help you to solve the problem for deleting WhatsApp message from WhatsApp chat. For more tricks visit our website TRICKG Website.


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