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Delete 28 Apps Immediately from your Smartphone, Google has removed.

Google has been removing some of the application from the application form the playstore because these applications contain malware and spyware.

Most of the applications are fake apps and contain malware. So, Google has decided to remove these types of applications in its store.
These types of applications may damage your mobile phone while using this may cause to strike. So, Google has decided to remove those types of apps. Recentley 28 apps have been deleted.

apps showing

The Security Company QUICK HEAL is analyzed and declared these 28 applications not to be used in any mobile so, google has taken the application

According to the QUICK HEAL report, those applications has created by single developer who was present in the play store as sarvesh developer.
More than 48,000 times downloaded this app from the playstore.

Below we have listed some of the applications that shouldn’t be in your mobile. Delete Immediately if you found in your smartphone.

  1. Virtula Data
  2. Bike Insurance Advisor
  3. Health cover
  4. Chit funds
  5. Computer Insurance
  6. Education Loan
  7. Home loan Advisor
  8. Credit Card Process
  9. Web Hosting
  10. Bike loan adivisor
  11. Love lifafa
  12. Ayurvdic Tips
  13. Share Market Advisor
  14. Travel Insurance
  15. Predator loan
  16. Stock broker Tips
  17. Instance Cash
  18. Mutual Fund adivisor
  19. Health tracker
  20. Car Insurance report
  21. Business Live
  22. DNS Provider
  23. Gift Stickers
  24. Mini Wallet
  25. Magic ring
  26. Credit Card Loan
  27. Gold Loan
  28. EMI Calculator.


At the last we adive to use application with high trust don’t download unnecessory application and protect your privacy and be secure.

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