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How To Create Android App Without Coding Skills For Free

Learn How to Build Your Own Android App

Android Apps are everywhere in smart mobiles. Every day we browse all the time on your mobile to watch videos, gaming, chatting with messaging applications and so on. You Ever try to build your own android application. Its need coding skills and lots of hard work to create the application. Leave all the questions and limitations from your mind. I will teach you how to build an Android application in an easy manner actually you don’t need any coding skills and nothing. This is so damn easy. Follow below instructions.

android app learning

You need a software that is already created for you and with free of cost. Application making software work for you to make the beautiful messaging app, blog feed and any other web address content to show. Simple website to create with three steps this site is highly recommended to who doesn’t know the line of coding and want all for free.

To Access Just go The Web Address then Click on the button create an app on the top corner of the page.

app geyser

After that select which type of android app do you want such as Website, Browser, Messenger, Video, Games, and Photo Editor. Numerous options to select, choose one of them and go forward to building. For making an android application you need only 5 to 15 minutes of time.

app color

In this part, I will take website content to make the mobile application. Then Enter URL of your domain to create the mobile version of the website. In the App settings section select the entire color of your android app.

Follow next steps for creating facebook profile, twitter account and youtube channel enter the URL. After all choose the name of your application and description of the application.

android app icon

Upload the Icon of your website then click next. It represents the site identity.

Now your app is ready. 🙂

Sign up there and verify the email address. The Application file reaches via email then download it and enjoy everywhere in any smart mobile. Upload to Playstore and 9Apps whatever you like.

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List of Top Free Android Application Making Sites

Below are some of the applications work similarly as per their requirements try out these websites also. Then Create Android app and make money with your service or product promotion.

1.  The App Builder

Website Address:

2. Andromo

Website Address:

3. IBuild App

Website Address:

4. Appsbar

Website Address:

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