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How to Create a Bootable Flash Drive

It is important to know how to create bootable Flashdrive while installing OS (Operating System). If you facing any problem while creating pendrive. I will show you the easiest way to boot a stick of Flashdrive with easy steps.

Tools you Need

  1. Pendrive (Larger than 4GB)
  2. System. PC or Laptop
  3. OS Software ISO Files
  4. Writing Software Ex: Rufus

What is Bootable Flash Drive

Bootable Flash Drive is a software installed device that can be use to install any type of software windows, mac, etc.., For booting process CD’s, Hard Disks, Pendrive can be used. In this process we will learn about pendrive to Bootable Pendrive.

Steps to create a Bootable Pendrive

Before Installing software in to the PC create a backup of your all files other than you will loss your important data. If you loss your files and data, Recover it with simple trick.

FIrst Steps is to download the USB Stick writing tool (It is process that burn the hard disk for software installatin). In this step I prefer to use Rufus Software, Rufus is a free and open source USB stick writing tool. Download it and run the software.

bootable flashdrive

Select USB Device: Select the Device that you want to write the ISO files of chosen software. Before selection of USB Drive Erase all the data from the pendrive or Format all the files with file system FAT32.

Partition scheme and target system type

Select the MBR Partition scheme for UEFI this is for best compatibility for new hardware installation. If you using old hardware to change the Partition scheme of BIOS or UEFI.

partition selection

Now select the ISO files of software. Navigate all the options leave all them change if it is necessary to you other than don’t do anything here just start button to create the process of bootable pendrive. It will Import all the files of OS and ISO files and create a flash drive to start installation process.

It will ask to confirm ISO hybrid image confirmation. Select the OK button and go forward.

The Rufus will done all the hard work for you after the process is done click OK button.

Congratulations You have done a great JOB today. Go and install the OS on any compatible device.

Final Words

This is the simple process to create a bootable flash drive with small software. If you have any suggestion please comment below. Is this helpful share with your friends This will help to you loved once also.