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Best Connectify Alternative To Share Wifi For Windows

Best Connectify Alternatives Website Details

Connectify alternatives are free to use every time and share WiFi to connect any device. In this post, you know about best connectify alternatives. Connectify is the best website with this super service. If you do not afford to invest money whatever the reason, There is the list of the best connectify alternative.

connectify alternatives


Why you are looking for connectify alternatives. In my Opinion, connectify is the best Hotspot Provider. But It has Limited Access to Free Members. This is the best solution for changing your personal computer into Wi-Fi router. Friends and family members connect to it with their smartphones and with PCs. Connectify also offers advanced features like sharing documents with others and dispatching and much more.


Advantages of Connectify

1. The Connectify software Turn Your PC into Wi-Fi Mode. Now Share the Internet with anyone.

2. The Connectify tool allows you to send and receive information and Documents from different devices.

3. This is an awesome tool with better features like Wi-Fi Repeater, Ad Blocking, Multi Language, etc.


Connectify is best with their best features there is no such software like this features. In the hotspot world, Connectfy is the best-reputed brand name. Other connectify alternatives are good in their way in the market.

Connectify is an better tool for connecting communications with the hostspot world but, it comes with its problems.


Why Switching Connectify

1. For Free Users, it is offering the lite version with limited features.

2. There are PRO and the MAX version.

3. It costs some money for PRO $35 and for MAX $50.

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These are the Backdraws of connectify why people are switching to the connectify alternative.

Anyway, you are now accessible to find the Best Solution for Alternative to Connectify Hotspot for windows. There Plenty of Opportunities for you to choose. Here I will provide you with the best and secure sites information.


Best Connectify Alternatives

Below is the list of Top Website that provides you with the same services Like Connectify. Look at now.

OSTOTO Hotspot

Website Adress:

Price: Free

connectify alternative


OSTOTO: This website is easy to use and manage all other services. This is one of the Best alternatives to connectify. These website services come in handy use with ease manner anybody can operate their service.

With this OSTOTO you can share internet connection with all mobile devices. It’s Totally free and fully used. And the Better part of this It is totally secure. There are Don’t Advertise on apps and pages use without annoying pop-up ads. This service comes with handy network speed detection.

In History the Name of OSToto is 160WiFi They have changed for better service providing. This service free at all the time and there is no hidden cost and you don’t need to spend money for more functional services because it is totally free at service.

PS 🙂 Visit Website and Try this out.