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How To Connect Wifi Without Password In Android

Connect wifi without password. In this post, you will learn how to connect wifi network without knowing the actual password with a simple trick in this there is no software installation process and any hacking tools. A simple method will connect mobile to wifi device without further any fails.

There is one solution to connect automatic connection to wifi without any password most of the time we use our friend’s wifi connections, Now Everywhere there is wifi connection are available Home, Office, working place. If you forgot your own wifi password then also it will work to connect without rebooting the wifi router.

How to connect

Any wifi router you will find a WPS button on the top or back of the router that enables that button will connect the internet without any permission to ask and there is no password to required to connect. Best way to find any wifi password with easy steps.

In this step press the WPS button one time now you will see the lights of the router begin to blink the WPS light blink for only 60 seconds in this time connect android mobile without any fails. The given time is over try and repeat the process again until connecting the server.

Note: The connection with wifi connect only when the WPS light is blinking.

Next process is to take your android mobile phone then go to settings then wifi settings and then Advanced settings. Under advanced settings, you will find Connect WPS. It will connect when the router supports WPS buttons are enabled.

wps mobile

When the WPS is complete scanning then the network connect to the android mobile phone now you can enjoy the wifi internet without any interruption.

Final Words

I hope this information will help you to connect wifi without a password. If you have any doubts please comment.