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How To Check Phone Radiation Of Your Android Mobile

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Ways to Check Mobile Phone Radiation Discussed

Learn how you can you check your phone radiation and protect yourself from heat rays. In this post, we are discussing one application and some USSD  codes.

Follow below steps to know more about how to identify radiation of your phone.


#1. Download the Magna application from play store. Below we have provided a link just click and download it. Magna Application.

#2. Accept Policies and Allow to access your phone.

#3. Now activate the application.

#4. Open the application and Tap the button (Tap here to check Radiation values now). The software scan mobile device for some seconds then it will show the radiation on the smartphone.

#5. Now dial any number from your mobile phone it shows you in one pop-up window how much radiation is there on your mobile. It will suggest you use speaker or headset if phone radiation is high.

phone radiation

The Video Describes how to know the radiation of your android mobile. This Video is in the Telugu language created by Nallamothu Sridhar. You can follow his tips and tricks for mobiles and windows on his blog

Find Using USSD Codes

They are a lot of health issues using excess mobile utility. Here you will know the exact amount of radiation levels.

By dialing USSD COde *#07# in your mobile it will show you the SAR Values. Up to 1.6 W/kg is minimum level is ok. Farthan this value is vital to our health so, stop using when the phone emits the high range of radiation. Change immediately.

Below some of the SAR Level values of modern mobile.

iPhone 6:>> 1.59 W/kg
LG G3:>> 0.99 W/kg
LG G2:>> 1.44 W/kg
Samsung Galaxy Note 2:>> 0.42 W/kg
Samsung Galaxy Note 3:>> 1.07 W/kg
Samsung Galaxy Note 4:>> 1.20 W/kg
Samsung Galaxy S5:>> 1.28 W/kg
HTC One (M8):>> 1.29 W/kg

Do you want to know all your smartphone information like Phone information, Battery Information, Usage Statistics, Wi-Fi Information JUST Dail the USSD Code *#*#4636#*#*

Know IMEI Number by dialing *#06# USSD Code.

Final Words

We have discussed above application will tell you that how much radiation is there. Dangerous to use when the phone is emitting high radiation. Try it now and protect yourself from health issues.

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