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How To Check Internet Speed Test Broadband

Check Internet Speed of Broadband or Mobile with Speed Test

Broadband Speed Test:  Here You will learn how to test internet speed and of your Broadband or service provider.

Why You Need to Check Internet Speed: If the service provider is giving you low internet speed.

If the service provider is giving you low internet speed.

When you change the New Connection for Internet.

Know whether they are giving correct speed for your Internet Pack.

Know the Abrupt’s for Packet Loss of your Internet Connection.

Some of the websites are Test Internet Speed and Get you Better Results. They are Listed Below.


Internet Speed Test Websites

Here The List of Speed Testing Websites they will give you better appropriate results when you want to know. These Websites Run Over Beta, They Improved software for giving better results. So, We need Updated and New Version of Browser for Checking broadband test results.


What Speed Test will Provide You:

Speed Test was founded by Ookla in 2006.

Speed Test founder was from Seattle, Washington.

Speed Test is a web service that Provides you to analyze the speed of your Internet for free.

And You can Access Parameters Such as Connection data rate, Bandwidth of Uploading and Downloading Speed.

The service measures the bandwidth and latency of a visitor’s Internet connection against one of many geographically dispersed servers located around the world. Each test measures the data rate for the download direction.

Speed test was done based on HTTP protocol it uploads data from computer and download data from server using a browser

To Access to this Website Click Here Now SPEEDTEST.NET. This is the beta Version.


#2. Band Width Place

speed test


Website Address: BandWidthPlace (Click On the Link to Access)

How Band Width Place Works: Same as SPEEDTEST. It Uploads data from server and download data from servers in this process they check speed and provide you with the appropriate results.

This can be accessed from any device such as Computer, Laptop, Smartphones, and Tablets.

Band Width Place uses HTML5 Technology for checking Internet speed. This Technology allows you to check WiFi Hotspots and also Data Plans of Your Mobile.

See What BandWidthPlace are Saying in their Own Words:

Our Internet speed test is designed to test your Internet performance on any device, without Flash or an application download. Our new Internet Provider search feature combines our knowledge from testing Internet speeds around the world with over 15 years of finding the best Internet plans for clients – all on one site.



These Two services are great and they provide you better user experience. Now You can test Exact results by using these two websites. This will Help you a lot If you have any doubts comment below.