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block porn sites

How To Block Porn Sites On Android With Easy Steps

Four Methods to Block Porn sites on Any Android Device How to block porn sites?, How to block pornography? These are the main question for every parent for their growing child. Every parent must know his children and his activities. Take attention to their children’s online

tasker profiles

10 Best Tasker Profiles for Any Newbie for Android

Before Begining Tasker Profiles I Want to introduce about What is the Tasker? Every Android user at least knows the benefits and its uses. The tasker automates everything smooth on Android or in Tablet Device. It is a Great Way to Automate any Actions. In this article, we

Insider Guide: How To Delete Kik Account Permanantly

Are you Worrying Delete Kik Account. The Kik has Advantages and some are disadvantages. Most of the people want to delete their Kik account from their mobile phone. In this Blog post, I will Discuss. ?. What is a Kik Account? ?. The Advantages and Disadvantages

twitter downloader

Top 2 Twitter Video Downloader Trick Ways

Download and Save twitter videos offline. Here we discussing the topic of Twitter video downloader tricks. Hence the twitter not has the download option on their website but you still want video from twitter to offline. This article will solve the problem of downloading. Below

How to Transfer files from Mobile Android to PC

Learn How to Transfer Files from Android to PC (Personal Computer) You have heard about transferring files from android to pc via using the wired transfer devices. You can do it connecting the mobile device to the computer and access all the files, images and

Trick For Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery

There are so many hidden tricks in WhatsApp messager one of them is hide WhatsApp images from the gallery. Many people are using now GBWhatsApp for many more features try it out. In this post, you will learn how to hide WhatsApp images from the gallery. Many

whatsapp blank message

How To Send Blank Message On Whatsapp New Tricks

How to send Blank Message on WhatsApp. You heard right. Many of the people on social media like Facebook are using this type of trick. In this post, we will discuss how to send the blank message in WhatsApp. You might be thinking I can’t

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Delete Facebook Permanently Now! However, You decided to delete Facebook account permanently. TRICKG tell the solution how you can go away profile Identity from the Facebook account by deleting it permanently. By Deleting Your Facebook account You never access your profile and photos whatever your

airtel internet

Free Airtel Internet Latest Tricks And Tips October 2017

Airtel Internet Tricks and Tips Free Airtel Internet Tips. We used Hammer VPN for to get free internet access throw the proxy. In this post, we will discuss Only Intenet Tricks, Mobile Internet Tricks such as how to check airtel net balance, how to use free